3 Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Written By SEO Team

Most  SEO strategies are focused on the  B2C (business to consumer) market. Of course, these SEO strategies do work well on both B2C and  B2B companies mainly because the internet is a huge entity with millions of websites struggling to be relevant in search engines. And keywords essentially work the same. 
There are, however,  specific search engine marketing strategies for B2B companies which you must know and understand.  This is because the  B2B market has its own specifics: it’s more competitive,  the clients are usually well informed and require specialized services. So which are the best search engine marketing strategies for  B2B clients? Here’s  a short guide to help you out:
1. Become an authority
Become the go-to person in your niche, the authority everyone respects. Be the first company that everyone thinks about in your area of work. Make people perceive you as an industry expert. Here’s how:

– run  a blog,  and always  focus on excellent  content; provide information  for your customers; teach  and educate  them;

– work  with influencers:  launch products, interviews,  work with them as brand ambassadors  for your  business;

– guest  post on  relevant blogs,  participate in workshops,  conferences, attend meet-ups,  be social;

– publish  content on  social media,  be active and interact  with your customers;
2. Make your website a powerful resource in your industry
Having good content on your website is obviously important,  but you will have to go even further. Try to include industry studies on your website, research papers, manuals, tech guides and so on. Offer your perspective on this type of information.  Collaborate with educational institutions, such as universities and research groups. Find what’s new in your industry and what other players talk about; always offer your perspective.

When it comes to content,  focus on long form, extensive articles which cover a topic and provide real information to your readers.  Try to make the article the best one in that particular niche. For instance, you could offer it as a series,  if the topic allows it. Don’t shy away from creating eBooks, whitepapers or essays.  They show you really know what you are talking about and people will appreciate it. What’s more,  this will make your content stand out and get links from other websites, boosting your search rankings enormously.
3. Monitor, optimize and revise
No matter how hard you work on your SEO strategy,  in order to make it really successful, you must pay attention to its results and how it works. Make sure you monitor every aspect of your strategy and how effective it is. Next,  you’ll have to work on optimization:  what doesn’t work? What works? What to focus on to make it even better?  These are all questions you’ll need an answer to.  Make revisions as often as required,  try to make your  SEO strategy better every day. Improve, improve and improve – this should be your motto.


Also,  try to stay up-to-date on the changes in  SEO. What may work in 2018, may not work in 2019,  so you’ll always have to stay at the top of the game.  There’s no other way around it.

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