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3 Super Steps to Optimize your YouTube Ad Campaign

Written By SEO Team

Before I start, let me share this interesting data that my team and I found while we were exploring the world of Video Ads:


  • According to a survey, more than 90 percent of B2B prospects consume online videos.
  • YouTube is accessed to play 4 billion videos every day.
  • Video Ads extremely popular among the mobile users.
  • A story will always be better told through a video, than text and infographics.
  • Majority of shoppers will buy a product, only after watching a video ad for the product.
  • In every one minute, more than 700 videos are shared by twitter users.
  • A video will get more shares in comparison when compared to its textual media forms.

I understand, that after reading this data you are eager to launch a Video campaign for your brand, or perhaps you feel like re-doing it. In this article, I am sharing 3 super steps to Optimize your Video Ads for Youtube.

#1 Define Goals and MetricsCapture1

Evaluate results on these 4 parameters:

  •  Views: Analyze the percentage of ad was viewed. The analyzed results will give you a clear picture of the earned views that the ad brought.
  •  Branding: Your view through rate is an indicator of your performance and also a measure of the creativity and entertainment. Once your VTR (View through rate) increases, it will lower down your cost for per view.
  • Audience: An account for the number of likes and shares for your video ad will come in handy when you to measure the ability of the video as to attract audiences. Also, the number of shares will tell if viewers found the video worth sharing.
  • Conversion: This is the ultimate parameter for evaluating the performance of your video ads, and will help you understand if you are generating enough leads or getting the expected traffic on your landing page.

#2 Implement Relevant Call-to-actions.

Strategic placement of Call-to-action buttons is really important for desired Returns on Investment. While promoting a video on YouTube, it is recommended that you place call-to-action overlays and link them to a product page, landing page or information page. Does your webpage has what it take to engage the user? Need help?

#3 Go a Little Unconventional

Running a campaign for a really long time is never an easy task. Especially, if you have an excellent record of retaining customers, like us, and need new clients then you must create a list of people who you don’t want to see the video ad. Go to the Adword Campaign screen, then to the “Shared Library”. You may also consider increasing your video campaign budget, and target a specific range of audience.


Video optimization is extremely essential for marketing. With the enormous popularity of YouTube, one either need to be lucky or smart to grab the limited attention of the users. I believe that smart is a much more reliable attribute, than being lucky. Contact us, for more smart tips and information.