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3 Things you must know about your Free WordPress Themes

Written By SEO Team

WordPress is one of the best PHP tools present in the market. If you know how to use it and write fabulous blogs, then you are bound to add value to your business. But the concern that I am addressing in this blog is about the lack of knowledge among the wordpress users and how this lack of information can sabotage their blogging.


So I am providing you with some insights that every WordPress user must know.

1. A free WordPress blog is a myth.

  • I have seen and met a lot of people in my business who think that they acted smart and opted for the complimentary theme.
  • It is true that you get these themes for free, that is you don’t pay any thing but still you have to invest one of your most valuable assets, that is time.
  • With a lot of time getting consumed in maintaining the blog page, it gets suffocating and your free theme begins to hamper the growth of your blog.

The longer you are going to wait to get an upgraded theme for your WordPress blog, the chances of losing your audience increases. I highly recommend that you hire an efficient WordPress Development team.

2. Are Plugins really Helping you?

I understand that the themes can’t do much, and when you want to do something exceptional or off beat you resort to plugins. And I don’t think it is bad. But consider this, when your bucket develops a leak, would you rather get a new bucket or put a plug for quick fix. Yes for a while you can definitely use the bucket with the quick fix, but not for long. Eventually the water will start leaking through the patch.

The efficiency of plugin is subjective to the coding. Poor coding can significantly slow down the scrolling of your blog page and can expose the page to hackers which can result in a security breach. Your focus should be on adding a legitimate function to the page such as

  • Social Sharing
  • Font Manager
  • Visual Editor

rather than using plugs to close the holes and leaks in your theme.

3. Placement of Opt-Ins is easy? No.

  • In the free themes it is quite easy to place an email opt-in box in the sidebar. Copy the code. Paste the code. Drop it into the sidebar area. Done. However, placing the opt-in box where you need them the most is not at all easy.
  • You must understand that the sidebar placement is not as much beneficial as you might think it is. Users have trained themselves to ignore the sidebar space as on majority occasions this space is filled with Ads. So, if you place your Opt-In box in the sidebar, you may not be able to increase your list of email accounts.


It is recommended that you search for talented professionals in the field WordPress Development to eliminate the possibility of sabotaging your WordPress blog. For more information, feel free to contact.