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3 Tips for Generating Effective Content Ideas

Written By SEO Team

Creating content that is, marketable, engaging and progressive is considered as an essential in digital marketing.
This implies that you require new ideas for the blogs and articles to promote the services that you offer. Often the content creation team is out of ideas as writing about the same service over and over and maintaining the element
of creativity and innovation can be tough. Here are three tips that will help generate effective ideas for content.


1.Use the Cons
Pros or the benefits of using a product is important to market a product. However, studies have shown that people will be more interested in a product if you explain to them what they stand to lose if the do not use it. You can use the cons of not buying the product, for example, a range of limited edition denim would have more demand rather than the style that is recently launched as it is a scarce resource and customers would not want to miss the chance of being exclusive. Another brand that sells gym equipment can highlight the cons of not exercising regularly.

2. Share What to do and What not to do
Sharing ‘what to do’ is as important as sharing ‘what not to do’. This means that you should focus on defining the purpose of your product. Moreover, at the same time highlight what is that that you do not want to target. Working out the benefits of the things that we use in our daily life may not solve the purpose completely. For example, writing about the benefits of using a hair dryer may not be an idea of effective content. As a hair dryer is a general product and every knows very well about it. This can be transformed into a better content by making some alterations without changing the product. Like 5 problems that a hair dryer can solve.

3. Answer the Questions
This is one of the best possible ways to create engaging content. It is in the very nature of human beings to question. If their questions are answered properly, they develop an affinity towards the source. Your customers can help you a lot in this process as they always have a query. You can choose any of the questions that are frequently asked and answer it with a blog or an article. Doing this you may mention the user who made that query. This would give them a reason to return to your site to see their questions answered by a blog, thereby increasing organic traffic.