3 Ultimate tips for Perfecting PPC

Written By SEO Team

Some people believe that PPC campaigns are all about buying the keywords and showing ads. Once it is up and running, they need not worry anymore. This not at all true. PPC campaigns are unlike the ‘Set it and Forget it’ traffic boosters.

When you have initiated a paid search campaign, then it becomes your responsibility to keep a close eye on it and suggest changes or make alterations on your own. The data that you gather over time, must be utilized in optimizing your ads for continuous success.

The basic criteria for success in an ad campaign is increased impressions, more click-throughs and higher sales conversion. But relying only on the data accumulation and utilization is not what we strongly recommend. Here are three ultimate tips for perfecting the Pay-Per-Click method of boosting traffic.

1. Bid for keywords that you already rank for

If you are organically ranking high on the search engines thenCapture it is very important that you bid for the keywords responsible for your position at the top. I see no reason to disregard the organic keywords when a company is planning a PPC campaign.

Consider the layout of the search result page. There are usually only 10 search results per page in Google and buying the keywords for which you rank organically will double your visibility. According to a study, doubling the search page visibility can generate 46% more revenue and 23% more profit.

2. Not always good to be No. 1

While we are discuss about rankings, we must also consider a fact that the number one spot has the highest bidding price. Bidding for the top spot is undoubtedly beneficial, but that does not mean that the 2, 3, and 4 spots are less advantageous.

If you think over it, you have a fixed budget for the ad campaign. The top spot may get you more eyeballs but it may not give you the desired conversions. Moreover, there is a risk of failing to reach a large number of people due to cost inefficiencies.

The lower pay per click price for the spots 2, 3 and 4 would enable you to afford more click-throughs and therefore more conversion rate. The No. 1 spot is not always good for the budget as the primary aim of the campaign is not to be on the top spot, but, to increase sales.

3. Mind the Positions of Ads

When you are beginning your campaign, you need to do a lot brainstorming SEO-and-PPC1and plan strategies to ensure that the campaign works. It is not easy to determine the position of ads on the search result page.You can take assistance of a good internet marketing company to execute this task efficiently.

Your choice for the position of ads can be a great determining factor in the success of the ad campaign. Whether it should be on the top, side or bottom depends on various factors which you must consider before initiating the ad campaign.