Mobile Simple Website For Conversion

3 ways in which you can increase your mobile conversions

Written By SEO Team

It doesn’t matter how big of an organization you are, if your mobile conversions are not as great as your desktop, you are just losing business opportunities that you are not even aware of. Most of the companies make the mistake of ignoring their mobile conversions, and this mindset may hurt businesses. This post will discuss how mobile conversions can help your company get more business and 3 simple ways in which you can increase it.

Start by addressing the question, that why your website is not mobile-friendly in the first place. If you are expecting great mobile conversions while your user has to pinch-to-zoom on the website just to read the text, you are falsely mistaken. A mobile friendly site will not only result in increasing your sales but will also help you get more business over the time. Now that we’ve got this out of the way let’s get to the important part. 3 easy ways in which you can increase your mobile conversions.

#1 Always mention specifics from your field on top

You probably think that what is new in that and everybody does it, it’s obvious. Ask yourself this, how many times have you found yourself in the situation when you are out on the internet to fill a form on your mobile device you click on a field and the site zooms in automatically and you are not able to see the field name anymore.

If you are facing problems like these, so are your users. Make it easy for them to convert. And one way of doing it is, reminding them of the information they need to fill out.

#2 Make credit card and phone numbers easy to put in

Aside from the fact that websites are not mobile-friendly it is not at all feasible for the users when they have a qwerty keypad in front of them when it comes to filling out the phone or credit card numbers. Enabling a numeric pad at the time of filing credit card and phone numbers is making your mobile version more friendly, hence increasing the conversion.

#3 Make their email address easy to put in

Putting in your whole email address is just as inconvenient as switching keyboards to put in your phone number. Just a little fix in HTML5 will do the job for you. You can come up with a more user accessible keyboard that has “@” symbol, a “dot” and a “.com”.