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4 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Should Be Preferred

Written By SEO Team

RWD, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to design a web page that would adapt any size of the
screen irrespective of on which it is displayed. It provides an optimal view for easy reading, involving minimal
resizing and scrolling.


Benefits of using Responsive Web Design for SEO

  1. Build your link just once: It is a real pain to build links for multiple websites when they are the same site.
    RWD handles this problem. When you create a link to the main site, it automatically translates those links to
    the mobile websites.


  1. A recognizable site is always usable, and the usable site always ranks better:For a site to rank well
    it must be usable and more informative. Many of the mobile sites are not as user friendly as their websites are.
    This might confuse the user. With RWD, You just change the spot of the element that are on the page.
    And so the users stay on the page, making the search engine useful.


  1. Quick updation in the future:Imagine you have two different sites one on mobile and another main, and
    you have to update both of them separately.


  1. There might be times when you may make serious mistakes and mess with the SEO. Responsive Web Design
    helps you in updating the same content at one place thereby reducing the number of mistakes.
  1. An easy keyword marketing: Running keyword campaigns for the mobile as well as the main site and
    updating the same content twice and even paying twice for the same job is many times frustrating and even
    consumes a lot of time. With RWD, you deal with less keyword marketing.


It is always good to stand ahead in the crowd as it increases your chances of visibility. In this era where the industry
is moving in a very fast way switching to RWD is a big task but shortly it will be serving as an added advantage to the company.