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4 SEO basics that Every Internet Marketer must Know

Written By SEO Team

Search engine optimization is in a state of constant evolution. I am so closely associated with it, I feel like it is a part of my life. And in this life, I have seen many people being so busy with the study of this digital evolution, that they tend to forget the basics which gets them most of their traffic. So, in this article, I am refreshing the 4 most important SEO basics, that all my fellow Internet marketers must know.

1. Linking

It is essential that you have sufficient number of good quality links that come to your site, simultaneously these links must go to different pages of your website. This way you can create more relevant links to each specific page of your site.

You will be able to refine the user experience and search engines will be able to see that your website is loaded with quality and relevant content.

There are certain sites which have all links going to the homepage. Search engines consider such sites as shallow and decrease their ranking.Thereby reducing their value in the digital spectrum.

2. The Sitemap tool

This tool provides a great ease of communication for your website. It enables the web crawlers from different search engines to go through each and every page of your site, and makes this process fast and accurate.

This in turns reduces the number of clicks that a user has to make in order to reach the desired content. Some other version of the sitemap that can be utilized by the search engines. XML sitemaps have information of dates on which a particular page is modified. These versions are used in order to get the best available content for the searched keywords.

3. Quality Content

Content is the king. If your site is loaded with content that is both relevant to the page and readable to the visitor, then you are bound to get traffic and conversions. Relevance of the content depends on many factors – user engagement, meta tags, keyword centric and alt tags etc.

Moreover, the density of keyword influence the ranking. A great content development team, will focus on creating content that is SEO friendly and engages visitors. The content on the site should be in sync with the search engine algorithms so that the search engines can locate content easily while crawling through the websites.

4. Meta Tags

Meta tags are present in the website coding. The Meta tags are in the code of the site. Description of the page and the associated keywords are the essential meta tags. You can say that Meta tags are like the summary for the page. A small piece of information that plays a big role in search ranking.

In around 100 to 200 characters, you are to provide a glimpse of the content that the page contains. When you enter keywords in the search bar, you are shown a search result page. There are different links available, but users are more likely to click the links for which the meta description reads like a sentence and not stuffed with keywords.