4 Ways Anybody Can Become a Social Media Influencer

Written By SEO Team

Gary Vaynerchuk. Brian Clark. Neil Patel.

These are all big-time social media influencers—people who have worked to establish powerful credibility, wild popularity, or both thanks to their reach and perceived authenticity.

You may have been thinking about becoming a social media influencer but have no idea where to begin. Fortunately, it can be as simple as these 4 steps:

Step #1: Find Your Niche

You can’t simply target the largest potential market/demographic and hope for the best.

Instead, you need to find your niche. A niche is a well-defined subset of a market which a product or service is designed to cater to. In this case, you should think of yourself as the product or service.

Find your niche by asking yourself: “What are my passions?” and “What am I good at?” Once you have the answers to these questions, you can take into account the demographic you’ll be speaking to (age range, socioeconomic background, etc.) and plan accordingly.

Find one thing you love and stick with it! For example, Neil Patel realized he loved content marketing and helping businesses grow their revenue.

1Step #2: Choose Your Digital Presence

The digital presence you choose will be reliant on the niche you’ve selected.
For example, Neil Patel understood he wanted to establish himself as a content marketing power player, so he operates a blog that affords him the opportunity to offer written instruction and case studies on the subject. Conversely, the YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles knew she wanted to make people laugh—thus, she runs a video channel that’s established her as an entertainment blogger. And since the Kardashians are all about “being famous for being famous,” Kim Kardashian leverages the photo-centric nature of Instagram to further elevate her celebrity status through a series of selfies and sponsored posts.

Take what you know you’re interested in and then match it to the digital platform that’s best designed to support your endeavor. The trick is too smart small and not spread yourself too thin. There’s plenty of time to expand to other platforms in the future—just start with the one(s) that are most critical to your niche!

Step #3: Stick With It!

If your audience can’t rely on you to post regularly (ideally every day, but certainly every week), they’ll lose interest and go elsewhere. After all, you’re attempting to establish yourself as a brand, and all the top brands—Disney, Skittles, Starbucks, and more—post every day to their platforms.

Here’s an excellent resource on the importance of post consistency, with some tips on frequency, too.

And a couple additional tips to maintain followers:

1. You can—and should—re-share blog posts more than once.

2. Consider submitting your original content to niche onlin2e publications and established power players in influencer marketing.

3. Hit up
Facebook Live or live
from your YouTube channel whenever you have breaking news and announcements of interest to your niche’s audience.

Step #4: Leverage Smart Tools and Platforms

There’s a few tools and platforms available that offer notification features and advertising opportunities that can further bolster your influencer marketing efforts.

1. Set up Google Alerts. Google’s service allows you to monitor the web for anything within your niche. The notification service sends an email to you whenever it discovers fresh results related to the search terms you set up. These results include blogs, web pages, newspaper articles, and more. For example, if you’re positioning yourself as a technology enthusiast and guru, setting Google Alert keywords such as “Apple,” “iPhone,” “Android, “iOS,” etc. will help ensure you stay abreast of any breaking news in your sector.

2. Use Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allows you to zero-in on your niche with incredibly targeted advertising based on demographics and behavior. For example, if you’re a brewery hosting a homebrewing class, Facebook Ads gives you the ability to target 21-35-year-old men in a 15-mile radius of your business who like beer and have an interest in cooking.

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