5 Powerful Strategies to Make Your YouTube Engagement Ex-plode

Written By SEO Team

While creating a YouTube account and consistently posting content is critical to your web video production strategy, it isn’t enough on its own.

You’re going to need some savvy strategies to boost engagement.

Below, we’re going to outline five immensely powerful strategies that will make your YouTube engagement positively explode.

#1. Choose the Right Video Thumbnail

What’s the first thing you notice when you search for a video on YouTube? The thumbnails, of course!1

Our eyes are drawn first to images. That’s why if you don’t have a compelling thumbnail, you’re missing out.

Ensure that each of your videos has its own, exclusive thumbnail image and that every image is high-resolution. Additionally, consider annotating your thumbnail with some fun, attention-grabbing text—but only if this fits with your brand’s style!

Note that custom thumbnail uploads require a verified YouTube account.

#2. Add Video Annotations

Video annotations can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement across your web video productions.

Annotations are the small boxes you often see pop up during YouTube videos. You can use these yourself in order to achieve a number of directives, including:

1. Asking your audience to subscribe to your channel.

22. Encouraging them to interact via liking or commenting on your video.

3. Listing an external web address in order to drive traffic to a landing page, where you can make an additional Call-to-Action (CTA).

Here’s a handy guide on creating and editing YouTube annotations.

#3. Keep It Pithy

Short and sweet. As with so many Internet endeavors, concision is key when it comes to your web video productions. Otherwise, you’ll lose the attention of your audience in a flash!

Keeping it pithy is more important than ever, as AdWeek sagely notes that approximately 98% of millennials use their smartphones to watch video.  If you’re not focusing your web video production strategy on the even shorter-than-normal attention spans of mobile users, you’re going to be in trouble and your retention rate will drop.3

As a reference, the average watch time of a single Internet video is somewhere around 2.7 minutes now!

#4. Include SEO-Optimized Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting is critical across all platforms, including YouTube.

Firstly, as you plan out the SEO of your web video production strategy we can’t recommend the Google AdWord Keyword Planner enough. You can use this tool to search for keyword ideas to include as part of your YouTube video marketing. The keyword planner finds keywords relevant to what you’re offering and displays historical statistics for those terms, including how often they are searched for.

Once you’ve selected your keywords, you need to integrate them intelligently for optimal effect. Include your keyword in the file name of your video. Also, make sure your keyword appears as close to the beginning of the title of your video as possible. Finally, always write out the optional 250-word description, and ensure your keyword(s) are reflected there, too.

Oh, and be sure to aggressively distribute your content, too. Promote all your videos to your social media channels and email list. Also, you may want to construct a series of SEO-optimized blog articles that feature your YouTube creations embedded directly within.

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