5 Things You MUST Include in Your Business App

Written By SEO Team

Mobile is the latest frontier for small businesses It’s where the consumers are and it’s where your business should be.  It’s the playground where the deals are made and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Yes,  creating a mobile-friendly website and adding e-commerce features is very important and will put your business in a nice spot and yes,  customers will see you. But there’s more…
Creating a business app is the new big thing that will help your business really dominate mobile marketing.  Everyone has smartphones and tablets… and everyone uses apps. OK, let’s cut to the chase: your business must have an app to really stand out. But what should it be like? What functions, features and gimmicks should it have?  Let’s see:
1. Clear and intuitive design
This is the first thing people come into contact with when using your app, and it must be perfect. Users should know immediately how to use, what is it for, how it works and so on. Make it aesthetically pleasing,  use simple fonts, make it easy to use and navigate, with clear commands and keywords.  Don’t clutter the design with unnecessary graphics or animations  – it will only slow it down and annoy users.
2. Usability
Apps must work flawlessly…  After all, this is why users want to install them on their mobile devices and use them.  The focus on usability is what makes or breaks your app – does it really do what it says? Your users will be instantly annoyed if the app fails, especially if the main feature goes horribly wrong. Also,  apps should work flawlessly on multiple operating systems, and must not clutter your user’s mobile device.
3. Feedback system
Always remember to include some type of feedback system into your business app. People usually want to give feedback to new tools or apps they use.  It’s almost human nature, and your app should let people “review”  your app.  Make sure to include a button or a link in an email to let people report bugs, provide criticisms or suggestions.  It shows that you are a professional and want to see what people think about your work. Plus, it  shows that you are constantly trying to improve the customer experience.
4. Links to social media
Apps work greatly with other marketing channels, especially with social media platforms. Make sure you link your social media profiles to your app and make it visible,  so people can switch as they please.Also,  include like and share buttons,  as well as a comment section, so people can interact freely with your company and be visible on social media as well. This all-level integration works great and can help your customers interact with your company and builds trust.
5. Protection features
Having excellent protection features for your business app is crucially important, particularly if it gathers,  stores or shares personal information about your clients or users.  Firstly, you should have a tight privacy policy in place, where everyone can read it. This will help you avoid costly lawsuits and other legal troubles.  Your business app should be transparent and be specific on what type of information it collects and how it uses it.

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