8 Powerful Digital Marketing Trends to Magnify your Strategy Goals

Written By SEO Team

Digital Marketing trends

The Digital Marketing industry is unpredictable and dynamic, but lucrative. One moment you have mastered the art of it all, the next moment something new comes up! Experts at Paton Marketing suggest staying in sync with the latest industry trends and developments if you desire to be the market leader in your domain.

Here are eight powerful Digital Marketing trends that can amplify your game plan:

Discover newer ways to connect with your audience, besides Google!

Google still rules, but alternatives are soon catching up. You could adopt direct mediums of engagement besides the usual search engine. You need to explore your options and come up with newer and innovative mediums to connect with your target.

Always be on the move; go mobile!

Modern Digital Marketing has shifted screens from computers to mobiles. Your audience should be able to carry you in their hands and pockets. Make more space for mobile integration, mobile compatibility and mobile optimization in your strategy.

Shift your focus from Social Networking to Social Conversions

Your social networking strategy should be optimized for definite social conversions. If you are an e-commerce company or a lead generation website, the social network is your best bet to increase conversion rates and access newer channels.

Say yes to new payment methods

October 2015 will see a revolution in global payment methods. The advent of EVM (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) credit cards will transform the manner in which e-commerce companies function. As a Digital Marketer, you should lead the way in informing, familiarizing and educating audiences in this regard.

Never underestimate the value of Paid Advertising

PPC might be dying, but newer forms of Paid advertising are emerging. Take, for instance, Buzztala and their organic video ads you must pay for.

The socially obligatory Marketing Automation; you just got to do it!

Confinement of Marketing Automation to globally recognized brands is a thing of the past. If you have the will and the means, you could also perform automation. Marketing Automation is now a necessity, not an alternative.

You need all the Content writers you can afford

You will need quality professional writers, who are not only awesome at their jobs but are experts in your niche. Content is a king who is going to rule for a long while.

The algorithm will never be the same; ever!

Google’s search algorithm, the one that decides the fate of your content in the SERPs will be modified continuously. Your strategy should be flexible enough to adapt to these unpredictable changes.

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