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Three Must Know Facts about Duplicate Contents

Written By SEO Team

There are so many genuine ways to succeed as an website promoter or marketer than indulging in duplicate content fetching and reposting. Which will turn out to be an effort wasted or compromised. Asides Google Panda and Penguin bothering website promoters on their daily activities, facts are there, that your contents would never rise above it real owners. Thus even making it worst for a website owner to reach or meet his marketing targets.

Search engine watch recent press release shows that businesses or individual websites either doing SEO the wrong way (black hat SEO), or those imposing copied contents on their websites are likely to fall 75% times in traffic and visitors once an update is undertaken. I.e, once Google Panda update as well as other search engine updates come, this site are nevertheless,going to be smashed.

Getting it Right in Website Promotion

Like connoted in the first few lines, there are supposedly more than a 100 ways to do practical web promotion without being banned by anyone or algorithm. Proficiency and skill may be the only required resource towards achieving such great success, as lies in web promotion. Regardless of whether you choose to promote a comic blog, business website,or e-commerce web portal. Hiring the services of professional freelancers or established web promotion companies would payoff.

Duplicate contents pulls down your traffic

Optimizing duplicate contents on a website or blog can pull down the traffic or number of visitors viewing the platform. Once a content has been posted over the internet via website, search engines often crawl these contents and have them recorded on remote database, for use in search results. And thus, the reason why having the same content on your site would be of no use. Your digital marketer will enlighten you more on the dos and don’ts.

Duplicate Contents Miss the Message

Websites and blogs are supposedly developed for disseminating information about your business, wares, or services or brands. Its certain, there are lots of websites offering the same service or goods as you promote, but the messages or contents disseminated to the audience are far different. These contents does not pass through the exact message of the owner, but instead, it carries the exact intention of the genuine author.

Google Ban

To Google, the use of copied or plagiarised contents in other to manipulate search engine results on a website is a wrong practice and is not often entertained. Your website may get banned from search console once its regular update is undertaken. This will affect your website negatively or may cause the downfall of your business.