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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why you should engage in ORM

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Have you Googled your company lately? If not, you should. The internet is different from what it use to be five years from now. In recent times, online reputation management is becoming more important than ever before. People talk about your brand on social media. They say what they see, or what they have experienced….

How to use Twitter to build your brand

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As of the first quarter of 2015 Twitter has a more than 236 million monthly active users. And you won’t even have 50+ followers if you are not using this social media platform the right way. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and setting up your business account on Twitter will…

How Social Media engagement can help SEO?

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In today’s day and age with everything just being a fingertip away, most people go on Google to search about literally anything. From how-to’s and cat videos to reading books and ordering pizza online, the internet is obsessed with information. A layman solution to every query is, “Google It”. Google, like every other search engine…

Ways to Optimize Online Marketing for your Local Business

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Is your business locally situated and all your clients are from your neighbourhood? It is still very important to spread awareness about your business. Collect valuable feedbacks and resolve issues to generate popularity about your product or service. You always aim to grow your business while without depleting your present client base. Marketing a business…

How To Do Social Media Marketing – The right way

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SMM is becoming a crucial part of the digital marketing world. There is a lot to it than just posting on advertisements and plain promotions on different platforms. Social Media in its true sense is to share and connect with one another. Most of the brands tend to forget its value as a tool to…

How to ensure the success of your PPC campaigns

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Most of the companies launch PPC campaigns in the dark and expect them to do wonders. The thing is, PPC campaigns are not an overnight success. You have to put in work and conduct several tests in order to get better results. But let’s consider this, you’ve put in money in your campaign and you…

How to Design an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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If the traffic generated to your website is solely through content, you need to have an effective content marketing strategy. But before talking about the marketing strategy, there is a critical difference that needs to be cleared out. Most of the people tend to confuse content marketing strategy with content strategy. Although they are related…

How YouTube helps in Digital Marketing

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                        YouTube is a place where people go  for their daily cat videos,  how-to’s, comedy sketches or movie trailers, or to learn about … pretty much anything. This leads on to the point that people spend a lot of time posting and viewing content. There…

How digital marketing helps Startups

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Last decade witnessed a boom of startups in the industry. Some survived long enough to see themselves becoming big names while others hit the ground only in the initial months of their business. So, what went wrong with them?, the answer is simple, sub-par marketing strategy. There are companies that understand the importance of online…

Understanding what your Client Wants

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It doesn’t matter how good of content, design or idea you have in your mind, if you lose your client they are of no use. As an Internet expert, you may not realize that but understanding and managing your client is one of the primary concerns of your business. If you can’t handle them, you…

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