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Monthly Archives: August 2015

How the First Impression Will Make You Cross Paths With Potential Customers?

Posted by:patonmarketing

All your business depends on the mood of the customer. But Mood is contingent upon various factors. Leaving a mark of your first impression requires a distinct and engaging website. The website is the most important aspect of leaving a startling impression. A website is a space in the virtual world where your potential visitors…

Does Size Matter? At Least Not in Digital Marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

Does the size of your business contain you to think big? If yes, then you have to remember that in business and digital marketing size does not matter. Imagine, you have a catering business, and there are a lot of potential customers who want to hire a professional caterer. What will they do? In the…

Innovation and SEO

Posted by:patonmarketing

Is SEO all about bringing increased number of visitors or more than that? No in the contemporary innovative market and changing pattern of consumer behavior SEO is more than increasing the ranking and traffic. Now the SEO is all about imagination and innovation. The former relates to grasping the taste and preference of your customer…

Conversion: A journey from visitors to Customer

Posted by:patonmarketing

For most of the business organisation, the important question is How to develop strategies that can increase the rate of conversion. While strategizing is important, what most of the companies miss is that they don’t understand the subjectivity of each customer. Although, it may sound difficult for most of the business organisation out there, hiring…

Intermediate? Good? Or Excellent: Five Ways To Judge & Improve the Quality Of Content

Posted by:patonmarketing

‘You reap what you sow’ the proverb is widely used in various aspects of life and helps us in understanding cause and effect relationship of result we get in life. This simple rule of daily life also categorically applies in digital marketing field. To decode the analogy in digital marketing terms would be the numbers…

How to get the best conversion rates using effective email marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

No matter how attractive and impressive Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms have become, email marketing still has its value intact. A research by McKinsey has revealed that email marketing is ten, twenty, forty times more effective than Twitter or Facebook channels. Being a major mode of communication world, emails hold customer’s attention1 more…

Why content marketing is the smartest business investment?

Posted by:patonmarketing

Content marketing is the smartest business practice that took the digital world by surprise right from its early days. Providing meaningful and relevant information to customers is a good way to attract their attention and influence their opinions. An excellent place for branding and endorsement, blogs and another form of contents have influenced almost all…

Know why your website MUST care about negative SEO

Posted by:admin

A lot of internet marketers still admire the methods of negative SEO. While Google has tightened its grip against such attempts, negative SEO is still used as a tool for some people. The only difference is that earlier people used negative SEO tricks to promote their sites while now the same tricks are used to…

How to maintain the quality of your blog and keeping it SEO friendly at the same time

Posted by:admin

Today with sites like Tumblr and Blogspot, blogging is becoming an opportunity for aspiring writers. Blogging like every other style of writing is a skill one needs to have. A good blog should be engaging enough for the users, a blog that grabs readers attention and have a persuasive approach. If people like your blog…

3 ways in which you can increase your mobile conversions

Posted by:admin

It doesn’t matter how big of an organization you are, if your mobile conversions are not as great as your desktop, you are just losing business opportunities that you are not even aware of. Most of the companies make the mistake of ignoring their mobile conversions, and this mindset may hurt businesses. This post will…

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