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Monthly Archives: September 2015

How Reading Blogs Can Improve The Quality Of Content

Posted by:patonmarketing

I have a favorite quote about the art of story”These two rules make the best system: first, have something to say; second, say it.” Content nowadays is the most important aspect of any presentation. If potential customers are scrolling down a post, they are super-interested when the content has a story, something informative that appeals…

Amplifying The Content And Get The Best Out Of It

Posted by:patonmarketing

Content writing is an essential component of digital marketing. However merely writing content does not ensure that you will engage customers. Amplifying content to the right audience is the key. But the task of amplification is tricky, and there are techniques to do it. Identify the who? : – Find out who is the potential…

What Technology Can’t Deliver But a Competent Team Can.

Posted by:patonmarketing

Most of the digital marketing strategies are now so mechanised and relies heavily on link building algorithms and SaaS platforms etc., that the role of competent marketing teams seems minimized. Earlier the questions of importance were discussed by the strategist and planner while sitting in a conference room. While, strategist and marketers are working for…

SEO Takeaways

Posted by:patonmarketing

There are various marketing techniques being used to boost a brand.Different strategies offer different takeaways. If you are planning to to shift from your earlier marketing strategy to the SEO and upgraded marketing strategies than you must know what all takeaways are there. Also, it is necessary only to use updated techniques in the upgraded…

Why is Google Analytics crucial to your inbound marketing?

Posted by:patonmarketing

  How do you plan to boost your website’s ROI? Of course, you must practice and innovate new methods in SEO and spend time, effort and value in developing excellent web contents. But all your methods may just go waste if you fail to keep a track of how your website is performing. Faster you…

Make Your Brand Handy With Digital Marketing 

Posted by:patonmarketing

There have been diabolical changes that have revolutionized the techniques being used to optimize a site for a brand or business. Constant development in technology has made other ways of marketing obsolete. Google has been at pace with the ever changing scenario of the Internet, and to a certain degree has also affected it. Ever…

The Transformation of SEO

Posted by:patonmarketing

Remaining open to ideas and innovation is key to attaining success in the industry. SEO has evolved in its outlook and strategic terms so much that it includes a vast range of activities in its spectrum. These various activities are often misrepresented as contesting aspects of SEOs. The main concern is what space does SEO…

Get the Best From Social Media Campaign

Posted by:patonmarketing

Managing social media campaign are essential part of SEO strategy. But campaigning is not merely about logging in and updating different social media accounts on a regular basis. Social media is one of the convenient platform for expressing and engaging with audience. Marketing on social media  usually seems easy with the innovation in technology. The…

Three mistakes that kills your Internet marketing prospects

Posted by:patonmarketing

Social media forums provide immense prospects to reach, engage and convert your target audience. Not just they but also their friends and social contacts can notice your brand if you are on Facebook, Twitter or such prized social networking sites. Regardless of whether you are a growing company or a mature firm, your marketing strategies…

The sure-shot formula for the success of your SEO campaign

Posted by:patonmarketing

Getting a successful SEO campaign is not as easy as it seems. So, with billions of web pages waiting to be indexed and countless people working to get their websites to the top, one wonders what SEO strategy can help them achieve their goals. As an SEO professional, how do you execute your perfect SEO…

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