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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Three Lead Generations Strategies from the Experts in Digital Marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

Generating leads is essentially important for B2B marketing. In each of the Internet marketing project that we undertake, Lead generation is a compulsive step. If our clients do not have the accurate information in their ROI’s, it is quite an uphill task for them to improve their business or services. Being in the market for…

Why you should use Google Analytics for your SEO campaign

Posted by:patonmarketing

Google has been the number one Search engine for so many years now. It has grown to be a Search Engine giant because of its constant evolution. Apart from its many different uses, it is most extensively used for searching. Almost everything. But Google itself is always searching for something. And that something is the…

What is Required for a successful Digital Marketing Campaign?

Posted by:patonmarketing

Digital Marketing Campaigns are never easy to handle. More than capital, it requires time and dedicated efforts to hold a successful campaign. It requires incorporation of sales team, members of the organization holding senior positions and all those associated with handling the customers of your industry. If you, somehow, fail to  pull off this incorporation,…

Why Keyword Research is the Lifeline of SEO

Posted by:patonmarketing

90 percent of the online users utilize search engines to find some data or information for one or the other thing(s). They do this by typing the words or phrases in the search bar. As they hit the search key, the complex algorithms of the search engine crawl through numerous web pages and displays the…

The Real Truth about Redirect 301

Posted by:patonmarketing

At Paton Marketing, we conduct periodic SEO tests in order to keep ourselves updated with the ever changing algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Over the years, these tests have helped us get better at what we do. While running these tests, we perform several website audits and we often ask ourselves…

3 traits of effective Content marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

What is effective content marketing? Effective marketing has more to do with advertising and sponsoring your brand, business or perhaps a service to the audience and receiving the desired results. The chief aim, objective of content marketing is to achieve a common aim. And content marketing can only be effective when it is converting or…

12 easy tips to help you get better at personalized marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

Personalized marketing is a one-to-one method of marketing, which aims to provide a particular product offering for different individuals. It is most feasible with an interactive media, like internet. The statistics for this act can be supplied by specific websites to advertise their product to customers to help them with their choices. As making use…

Five Essential tips for Online Reputation Management

Posted by:patonmarketing

Hurray! we are here once more to do some good to our businesses, establishments, foundations and also to include our personal lives. Online reputation management (ORM) they say is about improving or rehabilitating your name, image and perhaps your business’s reputable status. In other words, it has more to do with yourself, your image or…

Busting the Myths of Internet Marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

We have been in the internet marketing business for quite a while now, and we can say this without any doubts that it changes every day. Whether in terms of consumer behaviour, Google’s algorithm or SEO, the Internet market is always evolving. Each day, we get introduced to newer developments in the internet marketing, but…

3 Ultimate tips for Perfecting PPC

Posted by:patonmarketing

Some people believe that PPC campaigns are all about buying the keywords and showing ads. Once it is up and running, they need not worry anymore. This not at all true. PPC campaigns are unlike the ‘Set it and Forget it’ traffic boosters. When you have initiated a paid search campaign, then it becomes your…

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