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Monthly Archives: May 2016

How Does Social Media Marketing Affect an Ecommerce Business?

Posted by:patonmarketing

Social  media marketing means propagating adverts and sponsoring one course or the other via social media networks and sites. Most especially is the simultaneous promotion of businesses, products, brands etc via notable social media networks on the internet. Ecommerce Business explained We all know that ecommerce business are businesses that are established, operated and controlled…

Web Hosting Services and How to Make a better Choice

Posted by:patonmarketing

What is Web Hosting Website hosting points specifically to the processes involved in lifting up web pages to a site over the internet where they will remain permanently in order to be seen from anywhere in the globe. Once web pages are developed and designed, the very next big thing that should come to your…

Content Is Seriously Important and Here’s Why

Posted by:patonmarketing

Content marketing is quickly becoming a serious factor in how companies generate leads. The industry lexicon refers to it as “pull marketing”, or the ability to draw customers to a brand through search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is to strengthen consumer awareness of a brand and products. Let’s look at some reasons why we…

Monthly Website Maintenance Solutions and Why You Need it

Posted by:patonmarketing

What is Monthly Website Maintenance Do it matter how many thousands of websites you can develop or have developed for you in a twinkle of eye, or how you can strategically cater for each of them to the realisation of your goal with them. S a matter of fact,  you may delight in developing countless…

The Three E’s in Social Media Marketing

Posted by:patonmarketing

No other media in my lifetime has exploded in such a short period of time than “Social” media. I grew up with rotary phones and passing notes in class. I remember going to Radio Shack and asking if they had a 20 foot phone cord so I could run the one and only phone we…

Does Custom WordPress Theme Improve Visibility on Search Engines

Posted by:patonmarketing

A brief intro to Custom WP Themes Inasmuch  as anyone can have a few themes downloaded for use on the internet, deciding to create and own a personal theme is a more admirable idea. Custom WordPress themes are themes that are specially developed for use by a person, big company or medium scale corporate body…

You need an Ecommerce Website for that offline Business

Posted by:patonmarketing

Ecommerce is the trending topic on ground nowadays, the era of brick and mortar business is gradually wearing away and soon. The only need for brick and mortar stores would be for the storage of goods and commodities alone. While ecommerce platforms helps us in the actualization of our sales, accountability, customer acquisition, information dissemination…

What Makes A Great Website Anyway? Top 5 Answers Right Here!

Posted by:patonmarketing

We get it…you spent all this money on a website and you don’t even know if it’s really that good, right? So many websites out there to compare yours too. Let us do the hard part and combine all our knowledge right here in what make a successful website. 1. Content Content is King! You…

Three Things You Missed Out to Knowing About Logo Designs

Posted by:patonmarketing

Logo portrays authenticity, it portrays your real image and motto, it helps your business or brand to gain recognition and above all; it represents your business in online competition. There are couple of reasons why logo designs should not be compromised. Most especially in the course of starting up a new business, incorporating it into…

Why Video Content Will Rule the Internet by 2019

Posted by:patonmarketing

As media consumers, we are essentially preschool children who like shiny things, big buttons and mindless moving images. We spiral down a YouTube channel that starts with a Jimmy Fallon clip and ends with a dog fitting 7 tennis balls in his mouth. 2016 is going to be the year of video marketing, but nothing…

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