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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Three Reasons Behind Everyone’s Quest for Google’s AMP’d Invent

Posted by:patonmarketing

With Google’s mobile responsiveness project rolling out barely 15 months ago; it has in the same vein announced how big it’s Mobile Amplified Pages Project would follow. Google insists the newly launched amplified pages project was inspired by the patronage and love the world has for small computing mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and pads…

Social Media Marketing: Can Facebook’s New Features Give Your Online Biz a Push?

Posted by:patonmarketing

Since Amazon made different changes and added a few features to its platform it has gradually been proving a bit scary for most third-party sellers. On the better-side, Facebook has recently done the same but this time — it’s all for the good of entrepreneurs and business people like you. Some of the new FB’s…

5 Professional Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Business Richer than the world!

Posted by:patonmarketing

A lot of people see going into e commerce business as a two way road; it’s either they fail or pass due to how challenging  and competitive they think it is. The point is this, you can only continue to think and harbour mindset like this if you fail to understand what the phenomenon “e…

3 Secrets to Running a Steadily Successful Ecommerce Business

Posted by:patonmarketing

Having a successful ecommerce online store or business is same as having a long chain of physical stores that rakes you millions of dollars on a timely basis. It is also the same as a giant offline operated firm so I readily do not see any big difference in the both — as long as…

Three SEO Planning Tips for Business Site – (Short Case Study)

Posted by:patonmarketing

When you need to set up a new site you begin with selecting a niche first. The most ideal approach to do that is by bouncing over to Amazon or Clickbank or your favored partner/affiliate link provider and simply walking through the categories to see what they have on the table for you. Next thing…

3 Trending SEO Strategies Your Competitor Mustn’t Know You’re Doing

Posted by:patonmarketing

You must not wait for the river to swallow you up before you practically learn to make some swimming moves like a fish…in the same way, in business; It’s not Ideal to allow your competitor knock you off market before devising means to get a head up. SEO has so far proven itself to be…

Three Ways To Find Cheap And Efficient Web Hosting For Your Business

Posted by:patonmarketing

Be it a small business or big enterprises, creating an online presence for your business is very important. Now, what does it mean for a business to get started with an online presence? This obviously mean to take your business and total services online – and having them in your palms at all times. Having…

Make A Head-start: 3 Tips To Start Up Ecommerce Business

Posted by:patonmarketing

From the lowest to the apex of every business strata, be it small businesses to medium businesses to large enterprises, starting up e commerce can be one hell of a job. Even as the number of people who use internet as a platform to shop increases as each day passes. Over the last decade, the…

Choosing the Right Online Reputation Management Firm — How to do!

Posted by:patonmarketing

As a reputed business owner with several in-house staffs each having a distinctive responsibility and task to execute. It’s likely your business may not have all the time in the world to make for it’s online visibility and presence watch. This is where picking out an online management firm come into play. Online reputation management…

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