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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Four Best Practices For an Effective Online Reputation Management Campaign

Posted by:patonmarketing

There is no doubt, almost 80% of customers who wants to buy something online (to also include offline), conduct research about that exact product or services that they need before proceeding to purchase it. In a situation where your product or services or brand business brand is recognised and with great reviews and testimonies, then…

Does video marketing seem Better Option than Article Marketing ?

Posted by:patonmarketing

The importance of videos in digital marketing cannot be underestimated, there are several reasons to believe that videos are master of modern day online marketing – because of the engagement and impact. Just as article marketing does it better in engaging readers and increasing product and service enlightenment on the side of the customers, Video…

Why Effective Online Reputation Management Is the Life Force Of Your Brand

Posted by:patonmarketing

From small scale businesses to medium enterprises and multinational companies, effective online reputation management is one thing which measures the extent to which a brand could gain credibility in the internet marketing arena and lasts in it without challenging forces. In situations where a business does not have an idea on what is happening to…

Valuable Success PPC Tips For Ecommerce Businesses and Firms

Posted by:patonmarketing

Subscribing for PPC marketing or rather, should I say; Setting up a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for an ecommerce online store should not be something you do without intensive research. For pay per click campaign to be really successful and effectively yielding the right result as the owner wishes, it requires professionalism and systematic…

Inestimable importance of website to your business

Posted by:patonmarketing

Whether it is an online business or offline business, a website is very crucial for exposure and customer outreach. In brief, what is a website? It is simply an online presence, your business address on the internet where customers and investors can find you, your business and as well, get to know everything about the…

Three Things To Look For in Ecommerce Website Payment Gateway.

Posted by:patonmarketing

Every ecommerce website development process consumes an ample time coupled with the demanding requisites that all have to be in place before the whole system can be set and ready for launch. Crucial features of the ecommerce website becomes even more challenging to put together then the testing to ensure it is fully and properly…

Selling Your Ecommerce Digital Products the Easy Ways

Posted by:patonmarketing

Selling digital ecommerce products and services is one thing everyone can easily do without having to till the soil in order to achieve success. What exactly do I mean? Sure! You certainly do not need or have to wait until your get ecommerce website or online store before you can sell your readily available digital…

Sure Guide to Creating an Online Business and Millions Impressions

Posted by:patonmarketing

Don’t just jump into starting an online business simply because everyone else just did. Or probably because your best friends are in it and so you think it’s cool to join the league of online business people without having a prior understanding and insight in it. However, when you get ready to run an online…

Trending 2017 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Most Businesses are Already Eyeing

Posted by:patonmarketing

Starting an ecommerce business is a nightmare in the minds of many thriving business executives who have an eye in the industry. I can simply tell you! A lot of these people are mainly afraid of the hassles therein the industry, the marketing aspect of it to be precise.  And at last – only a…

An insight into PPC marketing: What you can do to Leverage your Ecommerce Ad Campaign

Posted by:patonmarketing

Growing a successful chain of stores from the scratch is not as easy as pie. Whether single handedly or as a joint force of business minded individuals; there are so many challenges, roadblocks and possible setbacks that must surface on your way to the promise land. A few of them includes competition, business challenges like…

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