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Monthly Archives: March 2017

How to Boost Business Growth With Reality-based Instagram Stories

Posted by:patonmarketing

There are now 600 million active Instagram users each month—a number that’s doubled since 2014. Not surprisingly, Instagram has proven an invaluable tool to businesses for establishing an online presence, garnering attention, and building brand loyalty. But, have you tried Instagram Stories yet? Today, we’re here to provide three quick-and-easy tactics to harness the power…

The Three Social Media Networks You’re Not Using That Can Double Your Traffic

Posted by:patonmarketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you’re fortunate, you’ve got a great presence on each network, and your communities there are thriving. You’ve effectively got all your bases covered, right? Wrong. There’s so much more out there than just those three social media titans. In fact, there are several social media networks that are likely missing from…

The Top 5 Secrets to a Popular Business Podcast

Posted by:patonmarketing

It’s wonderful to build your brand with savvy social media marketing and well-crafted blog content. Still, there’s always more you can do. If you’re looking for an additional method to boost your brand and generate more sales leads, a business podcast is the way to go. Below, we’re going to walk you through how to…

5 Powerful Strategies to Make Your YouTube Engagement Ex-plode

Posted by:patonmarketing

While creating a YouTube account and consistently posting content is critical to your web video production strategy, it isn’t enough on its own. You’re going to need some savvy strategies to boost engagement. Below, we’re going to outline five immensely powerful strategies that will make your YouTube engagement positively explode. #1. Choose the Right Video…

How to Use the Google Speed Test to Reduce Site Load Times

Posted by:patonmarketing

Everyone wants a well-performing website. In fact, many businesses and web marketers understand that even a simple 1-second delay in a page’s response can yield a 7% reduction in sales conversions. Ensuring you have a well-performing website requires you understand which “pain points” exist that are ripe for speed optimization. Towards the end, there’s a…

How Reality Social and Social Video Are Changing the Game

Posted by:patonmarketing

Whether it’s Miami video production companies, renowned content specialists, or YouTube celebrities, there’s one thing everyone’s talking about: Social video. But why all the chatter? The thing is, social media video production is huge right now and only getting bigger—it’s such a force, in fact, that here at Paton Internet Marketing we’ve started our own…

The Top 6 Reasons Customers Are Leaving Your Website

Posted by:patonmarketing

Are customers leaving your website? Don’t let possible sales slip away. More often than not, there’s a common set of problems your website is suffering from that’s simply turning prospective customers off to your content. Fixing these issues can lead to the immediate improvement of your internet marketing efforts, boosting sales conversions in the process….

The 3 Types of Social Media Posts to Use for Explosive Engagement

Posted by:patonmarketing

Scenario: You feel you’re doing a lot of good things with your social media engagement strategy. Your brand has an established presence on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and you’re posting regularly. However, the engagement levels you’re seeking just aren’t there. Why is this? What are you doing wrong? It could be that…

The Importance of WordPress User Roles

Posted by:patonmarketing

WordPress is a fantastic content management system (CMS). And because it’s capable of amazing customizations—a magnificent range of themes and optional plugins that extend functionality, for example—many people even opt to create their entire websites from WordPress. However, you may not have spent much time considering the impact of user roles in this CMS/website builder….

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