Every website owner, whether you're a blogger, business owner, marketer, or a content development executive, you must understand the need to maintain a parallel and crystal clear writing trait for your online channels as early as possible. Not just to the protection and continued success of the contents therein, but also to encourage its search engine visibility, and readers satisfaction.

Google panda as the master chief.

Google search console is the most prominent and powerful of all search engines known, followed by a few others in the likes of Microsoft's Bing, Yandex and other third class search engines. Google remains the top client search console with over a billion daily searches and visits. Thus the reason why you probably might be losing a whole lot if you're not shortlisted or banned from the Google's organic search list.

Creating quality contents - a practice

In situations where a business is concerned. Contents are meant to promote your business's course, it's aims, goals and also fighting to see to the continued success of your business. Owing to the reason why much efforts should be put in content curation than a few other relevant elements of business management. If you chose not to, then it's certainly sure that your websites, online channels, as well as ad campaigns would suffer a bit setback which could further lead to staking your business.

What is Google panda?

Google panda is more like a boss to all businesses having their websites shown on Google search console. It’s a recurring update which monitors all the activities of your website, taking the contents in it as the top priority. What panda specializes in doing is let fake/copied/traced contents down by devaluing them and marginalising their qualities (it has a brother known as the Penguin) which is targeted at websites with bad backlinks, broken or stolen links etc.

One thing is sure with panda, chances are that your website will always suffer poor ranking, devalued/suppressed search engine and possibilities of not get any traffic from Google organic search results if you’re doing content practice of your website the wrong way.

If you’re still thinking on what Google panda can do to duplicate web contents, maybe you hope to have a slight insight and then try to optimize your ideas. Here are some of the negative effects on Google panda can do a website or profile with duplicate contents.

  • Places your contents lower on search engine results
  • Highlights your website as spammy website
  • Lowers your website’s visibility