How Does Social Media Marketing Influences Consumer Behavior?

As of July 2021, there were 4.48 billion social media users worldwide. This means that nearly 57% of the global population uses social media. Clearly, social media has become a big part of people’s lives in recent times. Social media platforms are not just a means of staying in touch with friends, family, and colleagues; they have also become ...

12 Of The Best Tools To Monitor Your Online Reputation

24 August 2021

Maintaining a positive online reputation is the key to improving visibility, building trust,...

by Tony Lawrence

South Florida Digital Agency Paton Marketing Leverages National TV Shows For Clients

12 August 2021

POMPANO BEACH, FL – As part of its ongoing efforts to increase its portfolio of marketing products,...

by Todd Paton

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

03 August 2021

As a small business, your marketing needs can be very different from larger companies and...

by Kylie Bringola

Impact of Tags on Google Rankings

29 July 2021

Meta tags are essential to search engine optimization and your Google ranking. Meta tags are little...

by Tatum Bloch

How Social Signals Impact Rankings

27 July 2021

There are several elements that can impact your business’s rankings on Google, and you must keep up...

by Kylie Bringola

How to Report Indexing Issues in Google Search Console

22 July 2021

Since Google now has a feature where it can report an indexing issue straight to the search team...

by Tatum Bloch

Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

20 July 2021

It can’t be denied, we live in a world where we are constantly on our phones and computers, whether...

by Amanda Bentham

Video Marketing Strategies 101

20 July 2021

If you’re reading this, then you most likely know how important video marketing is for your...

by Amanda Bentham

How to Successfully Generate Leads Through Webinars

19 July 2021

Webinars have become much more commonplace, especially in the present climate right now. It’s an...

by James Madera

How To Leverage Story To Increase Conversions

16 July 2021

Fables, fairy tales, and campfires -the very mention of a 'story' brings up memories of our...

by Amanda Bentham

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