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Why Blogging is crucial for Business and Marketing

Written By SEO Team

Most of you wouldn’t know that originally the word blog is short for web log or weblog. Conventionally, both the individual blogs and business centric blogs contain periodic entries of commentary, event descriptions, or other different types of contents such as videos and images.

Blogging is so important for business. The SEO world relies heavily on On the page and Off the page blogging for generating website traffic. I will discuss the blogging benefits for SEO later. In a  different blog.

Blogging as a Marketing strategy

Rarely do the users type the name of your company in the browser. Those who are doing this, they already have you on their radar. But this isn’t the case with all. You need to invest more in the blogging in order to draw higher traffic volumes and get new visitors. We, at Paton Marketing, believe that blogging is an indispensable component in the Internet Marketing and here we are discussing the key benefits of Blogging in Business.

  • With each piece of blog that is added to your website, you get one more indexed page. This may not appear to be a battle won. But believe me, it is directly correlated to showing in the top searches of leading search engines.
  • As mentioned earlier, users rarely search for companies and brands. A big number of internet users search for information about person(s), product(s) or service(s). If you succeed in giving them something useful to read, they will never shy away from sharing it.
  • Blogging helps in increasing social sharing of your brand as people share blogs on social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Through this your website will be able to generate higher organic traffic. For Google it is a cue that you are actively contributing towards the presence of fresh content on the net. As a result you rank higher on the search result pages which improves sales prospects.

Business Blogging equals to Purpose Blogging

  • Is your Organization equipped with good Blogging talent? If yes then, you know how to write Business Blogs that also solve a purpose. If not, then after you finish reading this, we hope you are going to feel an urge to get a team of talented content developers.
  • Business blogs are the messengers of a company for their existing, as well as, potential clients/customers present around the globe. Blogging gives you the power to talk to millions of people, engage them into your business, build relations and most importantly generate leads.

If you can understand the impact of clearing the doubts and confusions of a customer with your educational blog then you can understand why we have given a keen focus to blogging. He/she remember your brain. Trust it. Spread it and market your brand. All this for just writing blogs. I think these reasons are good enough to motivate you to start blogging for better business.