Some Social Media Myths

Busting the Myths of Internet Marketing

Written By SEO Team

We have been in the internet marketing business for quite a while now, and we can say this without any doubts that it changes every day. Whether in terms of consumer behaviour, Google’s algorithm or SEO, the Internet market is always evolving.


Each day, we get introduced to newer developments in the internet marketing, but there are some wrong ideas and misleading statements that are thrown at us to deviate us from our path. Here I am debunking two of the biggest myths of Internet Marketing to clear the misconceptions that act as a road block.

Myth #1. Push button equals to Ultra successful business

Well, I agree that there are some amazing software programs available in the market that are used extensively.  I too find them beneficial and suggest them to my clients. But, being brutally honest, I have never seen a business become immensely successful just by implementing one of these software. Push button software program are generally a small part of the whole business setup.

Let us say, for example, you discover a push button software that can potentially bring large volume of traffic to your website. But that is not enough. You need to learn the procedure of setting up the funnel which involves follow-up, setting up email autoresponders, maintaining merchant accounts and back end offers. Otherwise, your push button software is just another program.

Myth #2. Get Free traffic. Really?

Irrespective of the type of traffic you get, whether organic or referral, it is not free. Marketers are often advised to focus on free traffic. When I listen to this advice, I am reminded of a popular quote on time.

                             ” Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

                                                                                                                                                 – William Penn


Though you are not paying for the traffic up front, it takes a fair amount of your valuable time.

Let’s do a small reality check. Take your weekly salary amount, and divide the figure by the number of hours you work for that salary. Let us suppose that you earn $1000 for a week when you work for 20 hours. The amount stands to be $50 per hour. So, if you spend 5 hours of the week getting free traffic, then you might get better results by spending $250 on paid traffic. Moreover, the free traffic consumes a lot of time to show results. Sometimes it takes weeks and months to scale with the free traffic techniques.

Figuring out what to believe while dealing in the online marketplace can be hard. However, if you are working with an ace player of the internet marketing, who has a core team of professionals, you can never get deviated from your path of success.