The Client: Benworth Capital Partners, LLC (“Benworth”) is South Florida’s top private provider of alternative short-term, first-position residential and commercial mortgages. It specializes in providing services to finance, acquire, manage and develop residential, commercial and income-producing real estate. The company deploys financial and intellectual capital to formulate situation-specific solutions for clients. These solutions draw on the deep and long-term relationships and more than 70 years of experience of Benworth’s leadership team. Complemented by the passion to deliver satisfaction to clients and build value for investors, the people behind the Benworth brand see the possibilities in every real estate transaction.

The Objective

Founded in 2008, Benworth is a household name for successfully providing borrowers, investors, and property-owners unmatched services, expertise and financing to optimize real estate opportunities in South Florida. Having built such a solid offline reputation in the respective niche, the company approached Paton Marketing with an objective of optimizing its web presence. They wanted the Paton experts to help them enhance their current website and make it SEO-friendly to be able to generate a higher level of traffic. At the same time, they wanted to reach out to as many people across the popular search engines as possible, who are looking for real estate services.

The Challenge

When Benworth CAPITAL came to Paton Marketing seeking their assistance in optimizing the website and its content, Paton’s SEO experts turned to a research-oriented, client-centric approach to developing and implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy. One of the primary challenges of this campaign was to bring the website up to speed with the prevailing SEO best practices and optimizing the content using the target audience’s insights. The SEO team at Paton Marketing faced these principle project challenges:

  • To re-design the client’s website and architecture making it more SEO-friendly.
  • To revise the existing website content by strategically incorporating the target keywords, phrases and the links to be popularized.
  • To make the website more visible locally for the non-branded search terms.

The Paton Marketing Solution

Using the extensive research gathered in the initial phases of the campaign, the SEO experts at Paton Marketing devised a full-proof plan. Based on the full website architecture review, the On-page recommendations and site redesign were carried out. The Paton content team drafted effective keyword optimized website Meta titles and descriptions. This was followed by enhancing as well as popularizing the link structure of the website. The overall implementation road-map was setup in such a way that helped in transferring the client’s dominant offline brand-presence over the organic search results.

The Results

Benworth CAPITAL witnessed drastic improvements in its website’s overall search popularity within a matter of weeks from the launch of the SEO campaign. The major campaign outcomes are highlighted below: 1. Target Keyword Ranking Improvement Paton’s experienced SEO team helped the client attain the Page 1 position for most of its target keywords within the first few days of the campaign: benworth_traffic 2. Enhanced Web Traffic The table showcases how the website traffic was optimized as a result of the SEO campaign: benworth_traffic2 The overall organic search traffic to the website was increased by 73.46%. At the same time, the average visit duration across the website was improved by 34.70%. The bounce rate was brought down ensuring an optimum user experience on the site. This helped in improving the overall engagement and, hence, an extremely favorable return-to-new traffic ratio.

Benworth CAPITAL (Florida)

Benworth CAPITAL (Florida)