The Client:

Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. has been offering aromatherapy oils and ingredients for making soaps and toiletries for over 14 years. The company offers melt and pour soap bases, unscented lotion bases, fixed oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, absolutes, butters, waxes, lye (sodium hydroxide) and packaging materials. Camden Grey has now become the largest East Coast supplier of aromatherapy and raw materials in the U.S. and their international base continues to grow. Some of their early customers have been with them since their inception.

The Objective

In late 1998 when Camden Grey started out their venture, the Internet was still quite new and it was hard to find the type of information about aromatherapy related products. After a few months when they noticed huge price disparities for aromatherapy products from vendor to vendor, they decided to take their business online and make the most of the web. Although they had a prominent offline presence, their organic search visibility was very low. Unfortunately, they could not quite cash in on their early mover advantage in the digital space. Hence, when they approached Paton Marketing, they had a clear focus to make their business more visible on the search engines. Through this campaign, they wanted to achieve higher targeted traffic to their website and increase online revenue. Although this niche was comparatively newer for the SEO team at Paton Marketing, they were all set to deliver what the client was expecting from them.

The Challenge

Camden Grey had a steady flow of business through existing customers. But, they were not able to effectively attract the new ones. Their online leads were almost negligible since the website did not have much organic traffic through Google. The biggest problem they were facing was that the Google spiders were not crawling their website. So, clearly the first challenge for the Paton Marketing SEO team was to bring up to speed with the search engine’s best practices. Paton’s SEO team was confronted with the below mentioned primary campaign challenges:

  • Optimizing the website by fixing the existing faulty indexing and navigational structure
  • Making the content SEO-friendly across the website
  • Explaining to the client how to effectively convert and close the leads received through the website
  • Giving the website more visibility among the local community for the non-branded keywords

The Paton Marketing Solution

After doing the initial research, the SEO team at Paton Marketing concluded that there was a clear problem with the website structure. Hence, they started working on all aspects of the website and also helped optimize content and get relevant and quality links to the website. The overall SEO strategy implementation road-map was designed in such a manner that it easily became a part of Camden Grey’s routine marketing plan. The campaign helped the website in attaining a prominent position in the local search results in their respective niche. The holistic SEO plan provided them with a wave of traffic, the sort of visitor demographics that converted into leads.

The Results

Camden Grey started witnessing major improvements in their website’s traffic within a matter of weeks upon implementation of the campaign. They were quite satisfied with Paton Marketing’s efforts. Some of the considerable project outcomes have been highlighted here:

1. Immediate Improvement in the Keyword Rankings
Paton Marketing delivered solid campaign results for Camden Grey. It is evident form the following keyword ranking improvement report:

2. Improved Website Traffic
The table represents an improvement in the website traffic and ultimately an increase in overall sales.

  • The average new visitor traffic to the website was up by nearly 32%.
  • The average bounce rate on the website was brought down by 10.39%.

3. Superior Engagement & Visitor Satisfaction
The average time spent by the visitors on was improved by 3.36%. Simultaneously, the average pages viewed per visit were increased by 7.29%. This resulted into higher visitor engagement on the website. The more time they spent on the website, the more they learnt about products and hence moving forward in the conversion funnel.

This was indeed yet another SEO success for Paton Marketing, as they helped Camden Grey achieve a drastic improvement in the ROI on their web initiatives.

Camden Grey (Florida)

Camden Grey (Florida)