The Client:

Client Background

Doctor Aromas is the only aromatherapy delivery system that works through your central air conditioning to evenly spread across the pleasant fragrance throughout your entire home or workplace. We are based in North Miami, FL and proud to be a local business with safe and efficient products manufactured in the USA. Ever since our inception in 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to promote well-being through an often overlooked sense and smell in a revolutionary way, the air conditioning. The Doctor Aromas system is simple, yet it has a far-reaching impact.


When Doctor Aromas partnered Paton Marketing, it wanted us to focus on primary objectives:

  • Rank on the first page of Google SERP.
  • Improve inbound traffic on the website.


The major challenge faced by us during our operations was:

  • Help with traffic generation and branding.

Strategies and Solutions

  1. We offered them quality On-Page and Off-Page activities in order to improve its website’s optimization further attracting desired results.
  2. Guest posts and articles were published with a special emphasis on Content Outreach to optimize the link-building process.
  3. We also curated a powerful Onsite content through phrase enrichment and keyword optimization


  • In over a few months’ time, our team reported positive result in terms of SERP rankings.

Keyword Ranking Report

Google SERP results

  • There was a significant boost in reach and traffic. The table given below indicates that impressions and average position per keyword have improved considerably.

Traffic Overview

Overall Traffic

Organic Search Traffic

The Takeaway

The highly experienced team of Paton Marketing works over various projects to dedicate sufficient time to all our clients efforts to achieve desired results. SEO is an ongoing process which includes several intricate details to distinguish the good agencies from the best.

This case study is merely a glimpse of the various strategies employed by us to help our client in terms of ranking and traffic inflow.

Doctor Aromas gets optimized through strategic SEO implementation: A Paton Report

Doctor Aromas Gets Optimized Through Strategic SEO Implementation: A Paton Report