The Client:

The Objective

When Esquire Express approached Paton Marketing to improve its operations, they had the following agenda:

  • Rank on the first page of Google SERP.
  • mprove inbound traffic on the website.


The major challenge we encountered during our operations was:

  • Help with traffic generation and branding.

Strategies and Solutions

  1. We offered them quality On-Page and Off-Page activities to improve their website’s optimization as well as attain the desired results.
  2. Guest posts and articles were published along with a complete focus on Content Outreach in order to optimize the link-building process.
  3. We also made the Onsite content impactful through phrase enrichment and keyword optimization.

The Results

  • In over 4 months’ time, our team reported a positive result pertaining to SERP rankings.

Keyword Ranking Report

Google SERP results

  • There was a significant boost in the reach and traffic. The table given below clearly depicts: the Impressions and average position per keyword have improved
  • Courier Delivery miami was our primary keyword that our team focused on.

The Takeaway

Paton Marketing has expert team that works on several projects investing lots of efforts to bring desirable results. SEO is a continuous process and includes a lot of intricate details to distinguish the good agencies from the best.

This case study is a glimpse of the various strategies that we include in our operations to help our clients in terms of ranking and traffic inflow.

Traffic Report

There was a drastic boost in the reach and traffic. The overall organic traffic and users have increased. The graph below shows a detailed overview of the improved performance.

Esquire Express gets optimized through strategic SEO implementation: A Paton Report

Esquire Express Gets Optimized Through Strategic SEO Implementation: A Paton Report