The Client:

Elaine M Simon is a family lawyer based in Florida with her law office located in the central area of Palm Beach Gardens. She is primarily focused on the marital aspect of family law where she has great proficiency. Her services include advocating for her clients in form of representing them in court and also mediating between couples.

The Objective

Paton Marketing is brought into play to help improve Elaine M Simon’s online presence. Paton maintains a client-provider relationship with Elaine. The objectives of the latter working hand in gloves with the latter include:

  • To appear on the SERP of Google, the internet leading search engine for a given set of keywords relating to Elaine’s services.
  • To bring more people to Elaine’s website and through that secure and retain more clients.
  • To earn some degree of online credibility required to maintain client’s loyalty.

Paton’s Challenges

So far, Paton faced some hitches in a bid and quest to help reach the aforementioned objectives:

  • The biggest of the challenges was personal branding for the fact that a lot of traffic has to be generated to enhance branding.

Approaches and Solutions

Paton employed professional on-page and off-page SEO strategies with which they have been pretty consistent to improve Elaine’s search position of organic ranking.

  • A robust content marketing approach was also put in place by Paton. comprehensive and engaging articles and guests posts were published on several digital platforms backlinks to Elaine’s sites.
  • Paton also did help Elaine build a robust social media presence.


  • All in all, Paton within the space of 4 months, has been able to deliver the desired outcomes- helping Elaine to rank well on SERP. They also helped build a strong social media presence for her.

Ranking Report For Keywords

SERP result for Google

Through consistent good SEO practices, content marketing, improved social media presence, inbound traffic to Elaine’s Site increased tremendously. For clarity sake her SERP ranking, average and impressions on organic search are illustrated in the table given thus:

Report For Traffic

Elaine’s website received a massive sea of inbound traffic as a result of the tremendous work work put in place by young, talented, and passionate experts at Paton who worked hand in hand to see to the achievement of the aforesaid objectives. The traffic increased by 70 percent. Below is a graphical illustration of user and traffic increase due the efforts of Paton:

Paton’s Report On The SEO Practices Put In Place To Enhance Elaine M Simon’s Digital Presence

Paton’s Report On The SEO Practices Put In Place To Enhance Elaine M Simon’s Digital Presence