The Client:

Business Overview

TrialWorks Case Management Software™ offers products, services and solutions designed to serve the purpose of law offices, Government agencies and insurance companies for a better business management. This software automates the handling the load of the case designed by the team. TrialWorks is based in Coral Gables.

Chief Objectives

When Trial Works sought assistance of Paton Marketing, it focused on the following primary objectives:

  • Rank on the first page of Google SERP.
  • Improve inbound traffic on the website.

Challenges faced during operations

The major challenge which we came across during our operations was:

  • Help with traffic generation and branding.

Planning & Execution

  1. We offered them exceptional On-Page and Off-Page activities to help them in improving their website’s optimization and achieving the desired output.
  2. Guest posts and articles were published to target Content Outreach in order to optimize the link-building process.
  3. We also curated the powerful Onsite content through phrase enrichment and keyword optimization.

Final Remark

  • In within a few months’ time, our teams reported positive results with respect to SERP rankings.

Keyword Ranking Report
case tracking software

Google SERP results

  • There was a significant boost in reach and traffic. The table given below shows the number of impressions and average position per keyword have improved too.

Traffic Overview
Organic Traffic

The Key Takeaway

Paton Marketing has a team of experts that handles various projects while dedicating equal amount of efforts to bring results. SEO is an ongoing process which includes many intricate details to distinguish the good agencies from the best.

This case study is just a glimpse of the various strategies adopted by us to help our client in terms of ranking and traffic inflow.

Trial Works gets optimized through strategic SEO implementation: A Paton Report

Trial Works Gets Optimized Through Strategic SEO Implementation: A Paton Report