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Paton Public Affairs, headed by 30+ year industry veteran Stanton Bradford Smith focuses on government relations at the local, state and national levels. We’re experts in media relations, strategic communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility as well as providing words that call customers into action. We guide clients in the effort to influence public policy, build effective relations with elected officials and build common ground with community stakeholders.

We assist corporate clients in regulated industries and facilitate cause oriented campaigns with local community stakeholders, trade associations, think tanks, business groups, foundations and nonprofits.

What you'll get from our call:

Our goal on this call is to better understand your law firm's intake goals and share proven best practices.


  • A website analysis (free)
  • SEO and SEM analysis (free)
  • Action plan to help turn visitors into leads and ultimately into new clients.

Feel free to download the case study below to learn how we helped one of your industry peers.

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