Competent SEO Techniques for a Compelling Optimization Strategy

Written By SEO Team

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for quite a while now. What makes it unique is that SEO keeps changing and adapting due to the innovative additions that SEO specialists continuously incorporate into it. We’re not even halfway into 2015, and a brand-new set of advanced SEO techniques have already made its presence felt in the ranking industry. The inclusion of these new SEO techniques in your content and website will ensure that you will continue to have increased and consistent success with search engines.

Additionally, the implementation of the following will also prove to be beneficial in furthering your SEO strategy:

Perfecting the Website around Minimum Strategic Keywords

Putting in too many keywords will not only lower the effectiveness of your SEO plan, but also make your content look confusing to the audience. Without compromising the quality of your site’s content, build your content around minimal but effective keywords. Having too many targeted keywords in a page’s content will not only confuse the reader because it won’t flow organically, but it will also decrease the amount of conversions that your website will give you. By limiting the amount of strategic keywords in key on-page components, including page heading, title, and main content body, is a creative and ingenious manner in improving your website’s readability.

Understanding the Difference between Identical and Similar Keywords

The latest version of Google’s paid search service, AdWords, allows for the recognition of similar keyword chains, unlike its predecessor that only allowed for identical keyword searches to appear. This means that there is no longer a need for one to input and pay for different variations of the same keyword. Google’s AdWords now considers similar keyword searches to be the same as identical keyword searches. For instance, the singular and plural versions of a word/phrase (let’s say, ‘new SEO technique 2015’ and ‘new SEO techniques 2015’) will be considered identical by the latest targeting policy of AdWords. The revision also considers incorrect spellings by searchers, if they seem identical to AdWords.

A Concise URL format

URL’s are crucial in deciding a website’s page rank. It is imperative that your URL format be search engine friendly. Meaning that the URL should be designed around the title of the page and your targeted keywords. However, the URL should be concise and succinct.

An Enhanced Page Title and Heading Tag

From the point of view of search engines and the audience, Page Titles are deciding factors in characterizing the website in search results. The rule that you should follow is that Page Titles should be 55 characters or less, which would put it in-line with Google’s policy of displaying only 50-60 characters in the title. Since titles show up in search results, keywords must be put towards the start of the title. Similar rules apply to Headings. Headings must be tagged by bracketing in H1 within the site’s HTML for facilitating proper identification by search engines. H2 and H3 tags aid in higher noticeability.

Importance of Website Speed and Natural Links in SEO

Your Website’s loading speed is a critical deciding factor in its success. Searchers do not like being made to wait. Websites that take an inconvenient amount of time to load run the risk of losing their ranking. A faster load time can be ensured through:

(A)Identifying the Reasons behind Slow Load Timed (too many embedded multimedia features, too many plugins, etc…)
(B)Pre-testing Page Loading Speed with CMS tools or Google.
(C)Analyzing the Limitation of the Host Web Server with Reference to the Website’s

The new SEO technique 2015 clearly revolves around establishing natural and quality oriented inbound links. These links help establish a trust factor between the website, Google, and searchers.

Use HTTPS Whenever Possible

In light of Google’s preference for a more secure environment, Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the best practice to adopt. HTTPS is more effective than HTTP, as it comes with a guarantee of being safe by way of encryption and hack-proof attributes.

A Better Alt Image Text

The keywords must constitute a part of the image’s Alt Text as well as the file caption. By implementing your keywords as part of your image’s Alt Text, Google will reward you in a way by giving you a higher chance of having improved search rankings.

The Impact of Mobile Search

Considering the substantial impact of mobiles in the current scenario, websites should be mobile-friendly. If a website fails to establish itself perfectly according to a mobile interface, chances are that it won’t be as effective as its competitors.

As the modifications to Google Algorithms and web spam fillers increases, so does the need for an equally fitting SEO proficiency. To keep up your SEO momentum, it is imperative to match steps with what the experts are doing. The new SEO techniques 2015 are all about creating a strong combination of great content and comprehensive websites.