Control YOUR Business, Become Your OWN Media Company

Written By SEO Team

Spending money on marketing campaigns and intricate sale funnels can indeed get you leads. Obviously, it works. Every company does it, and it does work. Business owners do see a growth in their business after a marketing campaign, so this is the correct way to go on, right?

The answer to this question could be a quick YES, but let’s see what your other option is. What if, instead of spending money on marketing, PPC ads and any other type of marketing imaginable, you become your OWN media company? What if you are the one who creates the content, who distributes it, gets shared and promoted automatically, without having to pay for separate marketing channels? Think about it, you won’t have to rely on big marketing budgets anymore and you won’t have to plan out new campaigns.

Is it for you?

Let’s get something straight, right from the beginning: no matter what your niche or industry is, you can be your own media company. You could run a local HVAC company, or a small dental clinic and also be THE media company in your niche. You can be the leading voice, the authority in the field. Your online presence can become an inspiration for your customers, for the general public and an example for your competition. And you can do it just like big brands are doing it – with extraordinary content which people love, share and interact with.

The benefits of being your own media company

CONTENT – this is what makes a great media company. It’s the best way to show you are an authority in your niche and it’s the best way to show people you care, you can assist, provide answers and solve problems. In other words, great content tells everyone you know exactly what you are talking about. And this is the #1 factor in establishing a powerful brand online.

When you create free content, which people can read, like or share, you create value and build a brand in your field. People trust you, the competition envies you and you get an amazing reputation. You’ll be recognized as a leader, and advocate of new ideas and technology. News outlets, influencers and other important entities will contact you. Your opinions will be cherished, appreciated and will inspire others.

What does all of this mean for you? No more sale pitches, cold calling, lead generation or grueling press releases! There’s no more you going for them, it’s them coming to you. A complete role changing in your marketing efforts – that’s your gain!

How can you do it?

Becoming your own media company brings a lot of benefits, but it’s no easy feat. There will be a lot planning, creating strategies, testing and testing, and A LOT of work on multiple channels. You and your team will have to cover every online channel, from your website and blog, to your social media profiles, your video platform channels and any additional area of interest. You will have to be everywhere.

Consistency is another topic you have to master. Make it a habit of posting content on a regular basis, several times a day, interact with people, answer questions and try to be available 24/7 for special requests. Building a media company isn’t about producing hundreds of articles in a month and then disappearing. You’ll have to play the game in the long run. Be consistent and watch those juicy results slowly piling up.

Know your audience and keep testing and testing – you will have to know your audience, know their needs, their frustrations and their preferences. Nurture your following, provide freebies, communicate and share stories. Act human, be empathetic and offer advice whenever you can. Testing is also super important: you’ll have to constantly know how your ideas work, what doesn’t work, monitor the feedback you receive and, most importantly, know how to handle criticism. You’ll have to know how to deal with unhappy customers, how to apologize and offer additional benefits.