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Creating the King: Content

Written By SEO Team

Content is the king and kings are not born. They are made. Creating quality content is a necessity and just cannot be ignored. Just as a kingdom needs a king, a website requires top quality content to rank high on Search engines.


Training the King – Research and Idea
Just as a prince is trained in a battle school and under a scholarly teacher. The same way before generating content we need to do some research to make the content marketable and useful. Majority writers brainstorm the idea that they are writing about and involve themselves in generating the idea for that content. Which is like training the prince, in the same that the other kingdoms are doing.

Will the prince be able to become a king that his kingdom needs or will he be able to conquer the other kingdoms?
Some highly successful content marketers do not rely on brainstorming. Instead, they perform an extensive research on the niche of the industry. This way it becomes easier for them to create a content that will be required by the users associated with the industry. Also, the king should be trained in the tactics that are adopted by rival kingdoms so that while following the path of doing the things off that are off beat he must not miss the basics. Likewise for content, one may not ignore an idea only because the idea has already been done before.

Get the Best Idea
Presenting a king in a Royal uniform and a throne, who in reality is lousy and uninterested in handling the position or the responsibilities can threaten the kingdom’s future. Similarly, if you rely on infographics and videos to present the content that does not have a marketable or engaging idea is threatening the quality of the content. Therefore, it is necessary that idea of the content is something that engages the readers and builds trust in their mind.

If the king cannot win the battles for his kingdom, it is essential that you either change the king or change the king. Content has a purpose, and if that purpose is not met, content in digital marketing nothing more than plain text.This may not be considered as a criteria for rejecting the content but if the objective is not achieved and the content is not able to fetch your website the conversion rate that you want. It is recommended that the content needs to be changed.

Content quality determines the performance of the websites by driving the online traffic. Hence, training the king and ensuring that the king is performing his duties will ensure the success of the kingdom. The same for content will benefit the website.