Designing a website that drives sales – top tips

Written By SEO Team

Every business, no matter its field of work or type of products sold, needs a powerful online presence. There’s no way around it. You must have a website and a social media presence where people can check on your products, services and get updates on your company.

Thankfully, now creating a website is easier than ever. There are a plethora of website builders, easy to use content management systems and a huge community of web developers that can help you out. Creating a website for your business is easy, yes, but there’s more. A website should really be the driving force behind your business. It should be powerful tool that gets you sales, helps your company become a brand and gets your product and services out there. But how can you design a website that really drives sales? Here are the top tips to help you out:
1. Make it mobile
Last year, there were more mobile internet users than desktop users, and this trend is expected to continue. More and more people browse the internet on their mobile devices and you must make sure your website can welcome them appropriately. Your website has to be the best mobile online shopping destination for your customers. Data* shows that purchases made on mobile devices accounted for 34.5 percent of all e-commerce sales in 2017. This shows you just how important mobile traffic is: people love to buy on their mobile phones. It’s easy, reliable and quick.
2. Create excellent calls to action
This is where the marketing gets a little bit trickier. It’s where people are really deciding to actually make a purchase. People like to know what they have to do. Even if it’s a short message to “click here to learn more” or “here’s more”, calls to action do work. People love to be engaged and your calls to action need to work on the more sensible side. Think about including email opt-ins, encourage people to share articles, interact, comment or sign up for special offers or competitions.
3. Be a multimedia powerhouse
Good websites have everything a customer may need. From a good contact or about us page, to technical manuals, whitepapers, a blog section, your website has to have the full set of information for your customers to read and enjoy. It shouldn’t be just a showcase for your products with a massive buy button. Try to include graphics, photos, videos, animations, cartoons and any type of media product that may help your viewers. Help videos, demonstration videos, lectures or workshops, conferences – they all work great and increase conversions immensely. Keep in mind that users remember video information better and will come back for more. The downside to this approach is the costs – videos can be expensive to create and may be too much for a small business. There are, however, cheaper alternatives. For instance, starting out with photos or infographics and short videos might work nicely and will give you plenty of room to grow in the future.


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