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Why Developing A Content Strategy Must Be Part of Your Marketing Plan in 2018?

Written By SEO Team

Content is king – the famous phrase uttered by Bill Gates still rings true today, in 2018, 22 years after he published the eye-opening essay. Although this phrase has almost become cliché and overused by thousands of professionals in various industries, it still stands the test of time.


Content is, by far, the most important thing in the online world. It’s the thing everyone is after. Everyone wants content, in one shape or another: something to read, to watch or to listen. Something that inspires, to incites emotions, challenge our beliefs, impress or downright shock us. We look for it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we want it immediately, fresh, new and unaltered.


It’s no wonder that a website’s content strategy is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Content is, after all, what goes live on your website. It’s what represents your company’s core beliefs and is an integral part of your brand. Thus, creating a complete content strategy for your business should be your #1 concern.


The statistics confirm just how important having content strategy is. According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, more than 83 percent of digital marketers consider content strategies as extremely effective in increasing sales and revenue. This is a massive increase when compared to last year’s confidence levels, which was about 70 percent. Although having a content strategy is important, only 31 percent of digital marketers documented their strategy.


What should your content marketing strategy should include in 2018?


  • have a mobile first strategy

2016 was the first year that saw more mobile internet users than desktop users. Websites are getting easier to browse on mobile devices and a lot of users will want to visit your website from their smartphones or tablets. And the search engines are quickly changing their protocols to adapt to this trend. For instance, Google is set to launch its mobile first index some time in the future, which will favor mobile websites. Also, according to a separate study done by B2C, almost 80 percent of internet traffic will come via mobile devices in 2018.


  • get your content to a personal level

Keeping visitors engaged will be the main focus for content marketers in 2018. People are bombarded every day with hundreds, if not thousands, of links to great content. You will have to have content that inspires, amazes and engages your readers or viewers. Prepare to have live content, amazing interviews, reports, infographics, live workshops and demonstrations. Content will also shift to a more personal level, especially after voice search will become more common. People will search for full phrases at a more personal level, rather than static, dry keywords. This means that content will have to be more familiar and casual.


  • diversify, get on multiple platforms

With the advent of social media platforms and messaging apps, content is no longer something that gets posted only on your website. In fact, most of your content will go on 3rd party platforms. Services like WhatsApp have millions of users and gimmicks, like chatbots have become increasingly common. According to a study done by IBM, chatbots are successful in customer service settings, so it’s no surprise some of your content may be used on this channel. Also, keep in mind that your content will have to be adapted to cater for the machine learning technology and voice search.


  • don’t forget about email

Sending content via email may sound old fashioned, but studies paint a completely different picture. A study* has shown that 79 percent of marketers said their email campaigns were the most successful marketing channel in 2017. Your content strategy will have to include email content, but you’ll have to adapt it to 2018. Having targeted content, based on your email history is your best bet, so make sure you do your best, as email still reigns supreme.

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