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Does Custom WordPress Theme Improve Visibility on Search Engines

Written By SEO Team

A brief intro to Custom WP Themes

Inasmuch  as anyone can have a few themes downloaded for use on the internet, deciding to create and own a personal theme is a more admirable idea. Custom WordPress themes are themes that are specially developed for use by a person, big company or medium scale corporate body for website development purposes. These type of themes are set of personalized themes, designed specially for you, in your likes and with the necessities as required by the nature of project you intend to run on it.


Does Custom WordPress Theme Pay?

Custom wordpress theme helps website owners to achieve a bit more than they expect from a website. Reasons being that it has been designed under your guide and direction. Some of its benefits are further listed below

Custom W-P themes are highly Converting

All professionally designed custom wordpress themes have the tendency to compete and do better than paid themes and free ones. If developed for ecommerce purpose, is sure to convert more customers due to the meticulous advanced development strategies in which it was built. Another marketable factor in custom wordpress theme is, the lighter it becomes, the more swifter it loads up and hence, increased chances that your websites will receive search engine credits.  

Faster performance than a few others

Professionally developed wordpress themes performs faster than both the publicly displayed free and paid themes. You have your developers work on it with relative instructions and directions as to its appearance. Advanced use of codes, optimization, minimizing lines in any possible case, and design layout customization to suit the business or purpose for which the site developed, as well as blog page optimization.


SEO friendly

When a website is easily seen, and indexed by search engine crawlers, it is deemed visible to search engines. And thus posts and other written articles posted on the same site is sure to be found in lesser hours over the internet. One question, does your developers know the latest and best practises in code management? For example, an average slow loading website which was fully diagnosed by research tools shows that the most roleplayers sluggishness has more to do with improper placement of core codes and properties. Sometimes, bug fixes could also pose itself a challenge to the visibility of the themes. All of these is corrected in the development process of the custom theme then less problems might arise only.