Does your Business Need a Makeover?

Written By SEO Team

We are proud to have been featured in the Miami Herald this month!

With the current, fast-moving developments of the internet, many traditional businesses are seeing a decline in revenue if they do not choose to move along with these developments. The way the market works and how customers find you have changed and often, only the truly loyal customers remain for these companies. It can be hard changing the way you run your business if you’ve been doing so successfully for a long time!

This is what happened to Shari Glixman and her hard-ware company, being used to doing business the good-old fashion way. For 3 decades, this way of doing business worked perfectly for her, business was blooming. But with the 21st century and the technological changes this brought with it, the way her business needed to be run needed a change.

This is where SCORE came in! Contacted by her daughter Debbi Berger, SCORE Miami-Dade assembled a team of experts consisting of David Siegel, Carlos Blanco, Stuart Dornfield and myself, Todd Paton. The company was re-structured: More focus on her core customers, a website that is easily found on Google, builds trust, and even a new company name & logo.

We spent the first 30 days of this makeover performing keyword and market research.  The company name is Central East Warehouse and right away, we wanted to “rebrand” the online strategy with a website address that will generate more organic traffic.  Through the keyword research, we identified many “search” terms that were available as a .COM.

Following our research, Shari and the team was excited to learn that we were able to secure Hotel Replacement Products as a .com.  This term was getting thousands of searches each month and is our first step in generating business online.  Click here to see the OLD website and the NEW design.

Glixman is reportedly “on fire”, by her own words. We wish her all the best! If you’d like to read the article yourself, you can find it here.