Don’t Be Afraid to Change Directions on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Written By SEO Team

An entrepreneurial journey certainly has its twists, turns, and refined directions.

The deeper you get into the process, it ’s likely more opportunities will present themselves. That’s certainly the case with the Paton Project’s third entrepreneurial endeavor –
As you may recall, this site allows businesses of all sizes to log on and get a complimentary audit of their websites with grades on the following:


  • The speed of the site
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Appropriate content built around keywords that are sensitive to Google
  • SEO “friendliness”
  • Social media visibility (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) on the homepage

As we completed our new site for this project, we noted that lawyers spend, perhaps, the most on websites and many get poor results.  Bottom line is that lawyers are wasting their money with ineffective websites that don’t deliver results – leads and new business.
With a little research, we refined our approach to lawyers. We purchase software program Ontraport, a fully automated “sales force” for us that will map our results, generate emails, and schedule appointments.

We’re confident this system along with our new website will result in great results as we continue to refine our project and focus on the legal profession for now.

We’ll see. But the key message for all entrepreneurs is to never be afraid of changing directions.

This journey is just beginning and going in a great direction.

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