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To Diversify Your Sales Channels And Reach More Highly-Targeted, Hot Prospects

Golo - A consumer product case study

GOLO realized a 113 % Increase in overall website traffic and a 79% increase in organic traffic over a span of 15 months.


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What if there was a way The Trifecta could instantly capture the low-hanging-fruit surrounding your E-Commerce business right now?

Wouldn’t you want to know how to easily leverage it… like… immediately?

Look: If you read every word of this page I’m going to reveal how YOU can multiply your efforts, automatically generate content that converts and sell more of your products... without all the guesswork.

You’ll also learn the secrets behind getting more potential red-hot buyers to check out your offers... to help YOU overcome the ever-changing landscape that is E-Commerce.

Is YOUR Business Diversified?

Introducing The ‘Trifecta’
A Turning Point For E-Commerce?”


Hey it’s Todd from Paton Marketing...

I wanted to personally address this well-needed conversation...

For over 10 years now, we’ve specialized in helping companies scale by... leveraging the art of “ROI-focused” organic content

But, don’t worry...

I’m not going to address the elephant in the room here..

(I also don’t want to waste your time, so I’ll just briefly mention it.)

We ALL know we need content.

That’s no secret.

But what seems to be a secret, and this is crucial, is...

How companies are leveraging one of the most practical ways to grow their brand today.

And that is…

“The Trifecta..?”


I know it sounds a little whacky.

Before I tell you what it is, it’ll make a lot more sense if I just show you WHY it was created…

Think about your own business for a moment…

If you’re one of those people interested in mastering and having a presence in all three major channels.




Direct Response Identity

Facebook ads, television ads, infomercials, etc.



Third Party Marketplace / Retail

Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc.



Your Brand / Digital Presence

Your website, social media sites, content, etc.

You see… Most companies we’ve dealt with have 1… maybe 2 of these channels at most, which is great…

But… When you’re leveraging ALL three sales collectively?

E-Commerce companies experience higher-multiplier of EBITDA

(Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization).

Using The Trifecta...

We’ll carefully help you curate content so that ALL three sales channels are well-balanced which, as you know... builds your overall brand value.

Essentially, we fill the gaps and money-leaks within your current efforts to boost overall marketing performance, increase your visitors... conversion rates and overall lifetime value of clients.

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Let Us Help

Don't make this mistake

Unfortunately... companies today are battling an economic-downturn… and it’s this feeling of the unknown that subtly pokes holes in E-Commerce strategies.

What we’ve noticed here at Paton Marketing is that big-box brands are:

  • Leaving themselves vulnerable against uncertain terms when partnering with legal monopolies such as Amazon. This leaves businesses in the dark on any looming policy changes.
  • Left wondering how to battle rising costs, declining returns and how to give their prospects EXACTLY what they want.
  • Forever-stuck searching for the next viable low-risk-high-reward “growth-levers” in their business.
  • Not diversifying their sales channels as much as they could... this affects overall reach and gives competitors a chance to make the sale with what should be YOUR customers.
  • Leaving a ton of profits on the table… which you’ll see when we speak about Golo in just a sec...

All in all... they’re not connecting with their audience on every possible vertical which, as you can imagine...

Shrinks attention, influence, and overall impact of your brand.
Yes, the problem is...

Stores are unable to find partners they can actually rely on...

“When will we actually find an agency that CAN knock it out of the park?”

“How do we know you’re the right people?”

“How can you show us?”


It’s challenging to find companies that “get” it, isn’t it?

The type of marketing agencies who ARE on top of these dynamic changes and shifts in the E-Commerce marketplace.

Which is WHY we’ve packaged together a E-Com custom-tailored solution to meet YOUR needs on all three sales channels.


You already know you MUST look at what’s happening deep inside your current sales channels...

Yet, more specifically

Here Is How We Helped GOLO

Going back to Golo.com, they’re a great example:

A long-term thinking kind of E-Commerce brand, with the ultimate goal of attracting more customers to their store…

And in the wellness and weight loss e-commerce space they faced an increasingly competitive environment…

Their content just wasn’t performing at optimal level, and they knew it.

That said...

They did recognize that the largest diet companies are shifting direction and changing ownership to meet the demands of this growing marketplace.

This meant that together, we needed to diversify their efforts and reach.

“So what happened?”

Well, we leveraged the power of The Trifecta.

I’ll explain…

How We Did It

In a nutshell... We were able to identify EXACTLY where their efforts could be enhanced so that they could CONNECT with more of their customers.

We looked at ALL of their sales channels and began strategizing WITH them.

Paton Marketing used “The Trifecta” to not only develop laser-focused creative content that developed their overall brand, but also apply our work to where it’d perform best, in those “content-blindspots”...

“The Better Way To Diversify, Without The Mistakes”

Golo.com, who have already diversified successfully

Golo also utilized our centric approach to marketing and with our help... they developed their online brand, enhanced their reputation management and strategically repositioned their company against older and larger competitors... so that they were able to re-diversify their sales channels, their overall reach and at the same time increase sales... 3-in-1!

You see… With content your audience can SEE themselves in… it invites them to raise their hands.

Golo soon understood that and they:

  • Massively increased website traffic by [% increase in organic traffic statistics]
  • Enhanced brand visibility so they could stand out from the growing competition
  • AND… Increased their domain authority of the website

Meaning, Golo were able to gain clarity on what they needed to do to stay relevant in the market... long-term.

Here Is The Plan

This is WHY I’m excited you’re here…

If you’re an E-Commerce brand who’s driven to find the “one-up” over your competitors...

...and you FEEL like an additional perspective could be useful for your brand right now, then I’d like to invite you to really jump on this opportunity:

We’re offering a 30-minute value-driven call to explore your options with content that converts. It’s free. There’s no obligation… and there sure won’t be any hard-selling… that’s not how we collaborate with clients or do business.

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Look: If you’re still not sure if this could help… There is a reason you’re on this page right now… and that reason is because you’re looking for something to move you forward. This could be what we’re talking about here and it’s often we choose to ignore the decisions we need to make, (aka… the ones we know could help). Let’s find out if this is one of ‘fork-in-the-road’ moments for your brand.

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