Everything You Can Do With Google Home – The Smart Speaker and Assistant

Written By SEO Team

Google Home is one of the star products sold under the tech giant’s name. Launched exactly one year ago, in late 2016, the smart speaker became an instant success, even though some reviews were mixed. The speaker was praised for its high quality sound but also for its amazing connectivity.

Now, Google has launched the newer Home versions in a special announcement made just a month ago. The newly designed Google Home comes packed with new features and it can do a whole lot more, according to its designers. So, let’s go over the new features and see if they are worth it.
Home control gets better
The initial Google Home lets you use voice control to get info on the weather or the traffic. Just by saying “good morning”, any user can launch additional pre-set commands. The new Home will allow users to create “routines” and new voice commands for more functions. “Good morning” will still be around, but you will also get “good night” and you will be able to set certain triggers for each command, such as turning off the lights or turning on the air conditioning.
Broadcasting a message
Ever wanted a personal walkie talkie? Google Home will be able to do exactly that, but only if you have an Android Phone with Google Assistant on it. You’ll be able to literally broadcast a message which will be heard aloud on every Home speaker around your house. Will it annoy or excite your guests? Well, obviously that depends on what the message is…
Send information to your phone
The new Google Home will let you send queries to your phone. Simply speak into your Google Home and it will directly pop up into your phone as new pieces of information. You can ask questions, add memos, search online, add contacts or anything you want. It’s pretty convenient, considering that you essentially can speak to your phone.
Locate your phone
Google Home will help you locate your phone. Just say “Google, locate my phone” and you are all set. It will ring your phone in no time, and the smart thing – it works on both Android and iOS, so there’s another bonus point for practicality.
Google Home will entertain your kids better than ever
Google has worked a lot on making its Home speakers better for children. Now, its voice command can recognize children’s voices better and it helps them play games. What’s more, Google just launched its special support for supervised Google accounts (also known as Family Link Accounts), so you don’t have to worry about security.

Google Home’s new features for children are amazing: you can get everything from tens of games, science quizzes, interactive trivia games, but it can also tell stories (originals, like Snow White, but also more modern tales), riddles and play freeze tag. There are also a lot of musical games, like beatbox or musical chairs.
Better connectivity with Google Chrome
The new Google Home will work better with Google Chrome, making watching TV shows a unique experience. You will be able to ask Google to turn the TV on or off via the Home device, send various commands and set the volume. You will also be able to set a specific output device for the sound, in case you have more than one Google Home devices around.