Why Facebook Ads Should Be Part of Your 2018 Marketing Strategy?

Written By SEO Team

Just a few years ago, social media was just a part of our digital marketing strategies. It was an important part, for sure, but it wasn’t the most important one. Now, in 2018, social media should be the number one component to work on.


Social media is massive. There are hundreds of platforms with billions of users who interact, chat, form relationships and explore new content. And Facebook is the leading platform, with more than 2 billion active users and hundreds of millions of people who are using it daily.


Here are the main reasons to focus on social media when working on your next digital marketing strategy:


  1. Social media is where everyone is – both customers and brands; virtually everyone is on social media, so you can get your product or service in front of any person or brand; you can get new business partners, suppliers, associates or corporate clients via Facebook;
  2. It’s easy to target – you can pinpoint your target audience and target it precisely, depending on age, education, location, interests, preferences; these are great targeting options, particularly if your product is highly specific;
  3. Targeting wider audiences is easy – if your campaign is not targeted, you can get your product in front of a wider audience, and only after this step you should narrow down your target audience
  4. Content marketing is very easy and direct on social media – your content can get in front of millions of people, all just by sharing to a relevant initial crowd
  5. Social media is ideal for finding new audiences for your products or services – Facebook is great if you want to retarget your audience; for instance, if you launch a new product for a different audience, Facebook can help you target that segment of the population;


Also, there are other reasons that make Facebook ads a great part of your marketing strategy:



  • you have a call to action – make sure it’s easy to read, direct, and obvious
  • make it simple and make sure it stand out on the page
  • reduce distractions, make your clickable links easy to see

Drawing the eye

  • use different colors or hues to attract viewers; different colored fonts, color blocks or patterns are good ideas to try out;
  • great design, but without being too intrusive or flashy
  • use images, but only when appropriate; make sure you use something that draws attention and is easily relatable to your product
  • animations should not be too ostentatious

Copywriting and creating the message

  • create your text, make it as simple or as straightforward as possible
  • focus on change and transformations, a before or after
  • attract your viewers by making them curious
  • create a short call to action message


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