GIYF (Google is your friend)

Written By SEO Team

“GIYF – used to tell somebody to Google a stupid question before asking it” – Urban Dictionary.
However, Google really can be a business owner’s best friend. Did you know that 44% of all online shoppers begin by using a search engine? Did you know that 75% of all search engine users never (ever) scroll past the first page and that 60% of all clicks go to the top 3 organic search results? – Ranking high on search engines is no longer optional, it’s critical.

The bottom line is – If Google can’t find you, neither will anyone else. We want to be on page 1 with relevant keywords. So how do we make Google our friend? In fact, nobody knows Google’s exact Algorithm (The formula they use to come up with the results) – it’s pretty much the world’s best kept secret. But here at Paton we’ve found little parts of the equation that make a difference! But before you start with Google:

Step 1: The Keywords

What defines your business? You have to find (strings of) Keywords that are rare enough to be found with (not too much competition – unless you have an infinite budget), but common enough to be actually used by people. What does your typical customer type into Google to find you? Which terms are specific for your business? Use the Google Keyword tool for some exploration.

Step 2: Google’s magic ingredients

If you were a search engine, what would you look for in a website? Google matches the search query with the information it retrieves from your website and gives the results accordingly – This is what they call term weighting. Next to that they also use something called PageRank. Let’s not make this too complicated, here is what you need to know:

  • Make your keywords occur frequently on your website .
  • Google gives more ‘weight’ (sees them as more important) to words in titles, links and bigger fonts – Choose your keyword placement wisely
  • If your keywords consists out of multiple terms – make sure they are always close to each other in your content – proximity is important
  • Get people to link to your website, or just build these links yourself – Influence your PageRank. Google determines the importance of a website based on the number of (important) websites that link to you and what these links say. Try to get links from quality websites and do not waste your PageRank by linking to unimportant websites. Having a website with great content is the best way to build your PageRank as people will start referring to your website as an information source.
These are the basics. If you want more specific or more advice, feel free to e-mail me or call me. Paton Marketing specializes in building PageRank and optimizing your website to get you on page 1. If you want us to look at your website to see if it is optimized (Free), you can fill out this quick form.