Google’s Mobile Responsive Update to be launched in April

Written By SEO Team

After a lot of testing and analysis, Google has finally considered incorporating mobile responsiveness and indexed applications as ranking factors in its search results. As technology fastens, people all across the globe have started to make use of mobile devices rather than the desktop, thereby making a gradual change in their search habits. In order to discover the best quality and most relevant search results, Google will soon surface more content that is optimized for mobile.

Here is a quote from the announcement that Google made regarding the mobile update –

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

As per announcement, the update will be in action on April 21, 2015. Moreover, Google also mentioned that this content will be affecting mobile searches in all languages globally. In order to appropriately respond back to this change, Google suggests that webmasters should either make use of the Mobile Usability Report to examine the mobile usability issues or conduct a mobile-friendly test.

Apart from this, Google has also planned to consider information from indexed apps as another ranking factor for the logged in users who have the application installed. To be precise, the content from indexed applications might even rank higher in Google’s search results pertaining to relevant queries. Henceforth, the application developers will have to ensure to establish a strong relationship between their application links and the web pages.

Apparently Google made a big purchase summing up to $25 million approx, buying the domain .app in an auction. Although the very reason behind this purchase did not seem much clear yet it seems that the purchase will most likely enable Google to promote apps on Mobile search result pages in a better fashion in the coming future.
Google mobile responsive website update
Re-adjust, go mobile, else it will be hard to survive!

Google has set a timeline to encourage those who haven’t yet adapted their websites to mobile to begin making the phase shift. This solely implies that if you have a website then you should be working harder and faster to have a mobile friendly website by 21 April 2015. Be rewarded for this re-adjustment by Google with better rankings in the mobile search. On the contrary, sites that lack mobile friendliness might see a decline of their rankings.

Where from here?

Those who had already incorporated in having mobile-friendly websites have an upper hand for achieving good rankings. As long as organizations will want to be legit and relevant when it comes to mobile searches, mobile friendly websites will quickly become the norm. The competition will be in providing the best mobile experience for the users. Perhaps websites that are more mobile responsive will be given preference in Google search results over other websites.

As a conclusion, this announcement dispenses any doubts pertaining to the benefits from mobile friendly sites further implying towards better rankings.

So if at all you don’t yet have a mobile friendly site, now is the ideal time to get acquainted with some work!