The Holistic Approach to SEO – The ONLY Strategy You Need to Master!

Written By SEO Team

It’s 2018.

SEO cannot be just SEO anymore. The internet is composed of multiple marketing channels and they all work together. Now, organic traffic is controlled by multiple platforms, not just search engines. You have multiple social media platforms, which regularly receive and distribute traffic, and you have the search engines.
Because of this, SEO is no longer an isolated silo, filled with weird terms and technical details. Now, it works on multiple levels. It works closely together with social media platforms, user-generated data, content in various shapes and sizes, links, brand mentions, citations, email marketing, design and user experience, press and PR, accessibility and many more. Also, SEO continues to evolve, and many technologies, such as voice search and AI, are expected to take it into a completely new era.
Holistic SEO is a new approach in digital marketing which tries to take into consideration every aspect that can change, alter or affect your search engine optimization strategy. Essentially, when we use the term holistic, we have to think about the strategy as a whole and think of everything.

When talking about a holistic approach to SEO, we focus mainly on search users, the people that actually use search engines, not just on keywords. This means that:


  • content is created for users, to inform, educate and entertain them; videos are the perfect example for this; content has to be an experience for people and it has to relate to them;
  • the content will have to be longer, more in-depth and fully cover a topic; it is created to bring value to readers;
  • social media is particularly important, as an avenue where people interact directly with content, via likes, shares and comments; it’s where people see what you have to offer and determine the quality of your content;
  • opportunity/discovery – content that impresses the user, inspires and brings a fresh perspective on common issues.

Businesses and websites will slowly be ranked on these holistic factors, especially with the advent of semantic search and AI. Search engines will practically know what we are looking for – intuition will be a huge factor.

Your website will have to be where the users are and, in 2018, that means mobile. People are using their mobile devices more than ever to search for terms and your website has to be ready for them. This doesn’t just mean that your website must be responsive… It also means that your content should be designed for the mobile user in mind. Videos, graphics and easy access to content should be your top priorities.

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