How Reality Social and Social Video Are Changing the Game

Written By SEO Team

Whether it’s Miami video production companies, renowned content specialists, or YouTube celebrities, there’s one thing everyone’s talking about:1

Social video.

But why all the chatter?

The thing is, social media video production is huge right now and only getting bigger—it’s such a force, in fact, that here at Paton Internet Marketing we’ve started our own service focused exclusively on the primacy of social video: Reality Social Media.

We’re proud to make this announcement because we’re so absolutely stoked about social media video production.

Here’s why:

Daily Video Views and Uploads Are BOOMING

As of the second half of 2016, Snapchat was already experiencing in excess of 10 billion daily video views.

Despite offering a greater variety of ways to consume information, as of March 2016 Facebook was already enjoying 8 billion daily video views.

And Instagram? As of March 2016, Instagram was already experiencing approximately 15 million video uploads every single day.

These aren’t just big numbers that have tailed off. For instance, from 2013-2014, Instagram video post frequency grew by 600%!

These are staggering numbers. If you don’t have a social media video production strategy in place, you’re screwing up!

Of course, part of that strategy involves understanding the differences between the different varieties of social video.


The Differences Between Live and Pre-Recorded Social Video

For a long while, pre-recorded or “on-demand” video was the norm, both in the social realm and otherwise. Users would select a video to watch when they wanted to watch it, and something that had already been “taped” would play.

Now, there is the rise of live video. Live social video is when a broadcaster chooses to live stream what they’re currently engaged in. When a viewer tunes in, what they’re seeing is happening that very moment, and once the live stream ends users often cannot call the video back up on-demand.

Facebook and Instagram offer live video options. So does Snapchat. And Periscope is exclusively dedicated to the task.

Live video launched into the stratosphere in 2016, with 81% of all internet audience members saying they watched more live video that year than in 2015. Additionally, 45% of all live video consumers now say they’d be willing to pay for exclusive live video from their favorite personalities.

If these statistics don’t convince you of the importance of keeping up with the changing world of social media video production, you should bear in mind the benefits live video offers, including greater brand exposure and creating a sense of urgency in your audience.

But Who’s Watching All This?

Social video’s a youth movement:

1. According to one survey, only 2% of those aged 13-33 report they’re not on any social media platform.

2. Teenagers today spend more time on social media than they do watching television. In fact, they’re the first generation to dethrone TV as the most time-consuming daily activity. Further, traditional TV viewing by 18-24-year-olds plummeted by more than 9-and-a-half hours per week between 2011 and 2016.

Social Video is Primed to Offer Amazing ROI

Tellingly, most experts predict that by 2019, at least 74% of all the world’s internet traffic will be video watchers!

Studies also show that while only 20% of online audiences view written content, up to 80% are watching videos!

Even renowned content marketer and social media specialist Neil Patel has waxed poetic on where social media video production is headed.

Like the other major influencers in this space, at Paton we’re fully aware of the kind of amazing return on investment (ROI) social video is primed to offer. That’s why we’re now offering our dedicated service exclusively focused on ensuring you get the most out of social video.

Get started with Social Media Videos by going now to Paton Internet Marketing.