How Social Media engagement can help SEO?

Written By SEO Team

In today’s day and age with everything just being a fingertip away, most people go on Google to search about literally anything. From how-to’s and cat videos to reading books and ordering pizza online, the internet is obsessed with information. A layman solution to every query is, “Google It”. Google, like every other search engine works on a certain algorithm. SEO or search engine optimization is performed to make most of these algorithms. Certain keywords are used by SEO experts that help your link to show up in top results.


The majority of the websites makes sure that keywords related to their business are dotted on every page, what they fail to understand is that SEO is a lot more than stuffing keywords on every page. It includes engagement on social platforms to get updated with keywords so that installation becomes effective. The more active you are on social media the effective your SEO plan becomes.

With platforms like Facebook and Twitter having over 2 billion users, social media is now the biggest hub for potential customers all over the world. Search engines like Google and Bing understand the power of social media and gone are the days when they were solely depended on link building for ranking purposes. Your strength and customer base is determined by how active and strong is your presence on social media.

One of the prime reason social media have this much power is because social media users trust each other. They would happily go with a recommendation from a friend rather than from an advertiser or marketer. Social media users exist on one platform but from different addresses. Incorporating social media in your marketing efforts can be very effective for your SEO plan.

The bottom line is that every SEO expert should be aware of what is really happening on the web, and integrating social media in the SEO strategy will only help in bringing more traffic to the website.

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