How to Boost Business Growth With Reality-based Instagram Stories

Written By SEO Team

1There are now 600 million active Instagram users each month—a number that’s doubled since 2014. Not surprisingly, Instagram has proven an invaluable tool to businesses for establishing an online presence, garnering attention, and building brand loyalty.

But, have you tried Instagram Stories yet? Today, we’re here to provide three quick-and-easy tactics to harness the power of the perfect Instagram Story for businesses.

Tactic #1: Utilize Scarcity in Your Offers

Like Snapchat’s stories, Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours. Fortunately, you can use the scarcity of Stories to bolster your video marketing strategy.

For example: You can market the availability of a coupon via a short video you post as an Instagram Story. It can simply be a clip of one of your team members disclosing a special discount code to the audience. Your team member would also instruct your audience on how to apply the code—by following the current link in your Instagram bio, for example, which in this case will take your followers to a landing page where they can input the code to activate their discount. (And where you can include an additional call-to-action.)

Of course, the story with the coupon code will disappear after 24 hours. You can also arrange it so that the discount code expires at the end of this same 24-hour period. This will promote a sense of urgency in your audience. They’ll know they have to act now to take advantage of the special offer.

See how scarcity can be powerful?

Tactic #2: Offer Something of Value

Your offers must provide high value. If they don’t, customers will learn to effectively “check out” of all your social communications.

One way to establish value with your audience? A savvy video marketing strategy that focuses on behind-the-scenes, reality-based looks at your operations.

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Offer “sneak peeks” at products or services. Your followers are bound to be interested in the 2products and services you have in the pipeline. These videos will accomplish two things: they’ll prime your viewers to buy your new offerings ahead of their availability, and they’ll also strengthen customer appreciation of your brand.

    2. Offer a tour of your workplace. As part of your brand-building, video marketing strategy, consider a series of Instagram Stories that offer a quick tour of your workplace. This can reveal some details about the creative process that occurs at your company, which will again strengthen your bond with your audience.

    3. Try an Instagram Story Takeover. Collaborations are all the rage. One way you can benefit from a collaboration is to team up with another compelling brand (not a direct competitor) for an Instagram Story Takeover.

    Instagram Story Takeovers work one of two ways: either you publicize taking over another company’s Instagram account for a day, or vice versa. It’s exciting, it’s refreshing, and you stand to gain attention both from your own audience and the established audience of the business you’re collaborating with. Nifty!

Tactic #3: Stay Focused

With the lack of permanence Instagram Stories provide, it can be easy to fall into the trap of just throwing up video content on a whim. But remember, Instagram is about cultivating a polished, professional look for your company. Always consider what your call-to-action (CTA) is with every piece of content you upload.

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