How to Customize your Website’s KPI in Google Analytics

Written By SEO Team

A KPI is likewise to know as a key performance indicator, you can analyse the performance of organization in term of progress of its goals. Unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked aspects of learning to run a successful business. Here you can find a couple of useful websites KPIs from online marketing prospective and you will also get an idea how to monitor them in Google Analytics. The most important and critical task of online marketing professional and SEO specialist is to take the decision regarding the optimization of the performance of their website on the basis of monitoring, reporting and analysing the data.
But all the above metrics and statistics can be confusing for most of the Digital marketer. It is very critical to know, which ratios should be taken into account during the analysis? Which is least important and which is less important stats? Nothing to worry, as because, many of these doubts will be cleared as because now we will discuss the here the importance of website goals and we will list the most essential KPIs that are utilized to quantify the desired targets.

Key Performance Indicators Depends on Website Goal:

A website must have a much different goal to achieve, so it’s critical to set a specific goals before defining Key performance indicator. Just take an example of an E-commerce sites, the common goal of E-commerce sites are to increase in the number of sales, the number of items in basket, the average transaction value, etc. whereas most of the content website have different goals like increase of media consumption, video viewer subscribers etc.

Common General Key performance indicator about Website:

Conversion Rate:In this feature you will be able to know how many visitors are converted into the desired action

Track Goals Conversion Rate:  In this feature you will be able to know how many visitors of your website reached at least one of the goals that you have set up

Track Bounce Rate: In this feature you will be able to know how many visitors of your website find what they are looking for on your website or they don’t find your website useful and leave your site immediately and this KPIs is very much critical for every website. You can find these metrics in the visitors section of Google Analytics.

Types of Information Sources: This is a very critical report to understand, this report generated by the traffic from specific sources and different medium like Social Media, Referring sites, Director custom campaigns. So it is smart to not only focus on the number of visitors, but also quality of traffic.

Interaction Key Performance Indicator: It is very much essential to monitor all those visitors who are interacting with your social media profiles. You can visit to all those visitor’s profile by clicking on the appropriate button on the website. Event tracking will help you to monitor and analyse these data.

Track Media Consumption: You can find the media consumption report under the content section, but you need to set up special mechanisms in case you have some video content. In this section KPI will show you the data on how users consume the content on the website.

Track Contact Form: This is the most important section for every website, and you can track the above activities very easily by using goal tracking in the “thank you” pages. As I said this is very much critical as because this section will help you to know how, when and how many visitor reached you by using different point of contact like email, contact forms, live chat etc.